Protect sensitive enterprise data with Log360

Log360 helps you ensure that the data transferred outside your organization's network isn't being changed against your organization's policies.

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Content-aware data loss prevention

Data loss prevention (DLP) refers to protecting data from leaks or breaches at various stages, including while in transit, inside or outside of a network, at rest, or in storage. DLP systems that are content-aware work based on the type of data they're being used to protect and where that data is going.

DLP is carried out in a variety of ways including content screening and encryption. DLP solutions are frequently offered as part of cloud encryption gateways, encrypting data as it leaves an internal network. DLP systems are content-aware, meaning they treat data differently based on what kind of data it is.

Become data vigilant with Log360

Log360, the unified SIEM solution from ManageEngine, comes integrated with DLP and CASB capabilities that help you stay on top of the content in your organization, including content leaving your organization. The solution is capable of monitoring access to sensitive information stored in your network and ensuring data protection.

Log360 and content awareness

Identify configuration changes

Log360 spots changes made to database configurations and alerts security personnel immediately. Further, the solution detects anomalous activities and security attacks such as cross-site scripting attacks, SQL injection, and more by providing exhaustive reports to help administrators identify the root cause.

Identify configuration

Defend against data exfiltration

Log360 helps organizations spot indicators of attack and indicators of compromise to detect attacks at their earliest stages. Log360 also monitors inbound and outbound traffic and alerts administrators when communications take place with a malicious source.

Data exfiltration

Detect privilege abuse

Log360 can also monitor user activities and detect anomalous behavior. The solution creates a baseline for user activities and alerts administrators whenever there is a deviation from the baseline. The solution also assigns a risk score to users, based on which malicious users can be identified

Log360 also provides real-time alerts and exhaustive reports on critical database changes, making it easier for administrators to keep tabs on unauthorized activities.

Detect privilege abuse

Why choose Log360 for behavior-based attack detection?

    Secure sensitive files

    Classify files based on their sensitivity into categories, i.e., Public, Private, Confidential, or Restricted to help secure at-risk confidential files.

    Data discovery

    Integrate data discovery with DLP capabilities to secure and analyze files containing personal data (PII/ePHI/PCI) and establish access control.


    Identify and enforce appropriate levels of security to your organization's sensitive data and comply easily with the GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, and more.