Security information and event management (SIEM) software helps IT security professionals protect their enterprise network from cyberattacks. A SIEM tool gathers log data from all infrastructure components in an organization—routers, switches, firewalls, servers, personal computers and devices, applications, cloud environments, and more—analyzes the data, and provides insights to security administrators for effective mitigation of security attacks.

A SIEM solution

ManageEngine Log360, a unified SIEM solution with integrated DLP and CASB capabilities, can help you detect, prioritize, investigate, and respond to security threats.

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How does a SIEM solution work?

SIEM solutions collect logs, the time-stamped records of events generated by every device and application in the network, using both agentless and agent-based mechanisms. Once the logs are aggregated within the SIEM software, they are normalized and analyzed using correlation, machine-learning algorithms, and other techniques to detect suspicious activities.

Benefits of SIEM  


Faster and more efficient
security operations

Helps spot and prioritize the resolution of security threats; automates responses to known threats and improves the mean time to resolve (MTTR) an attack


Optimized network operations

Monitors all network activities and stores log data for root cause analysis and troubleshooting


Cyber resilience

Helps organizations quickly get back to business after a breach or security incident with log forensics and impact analysis, and instantly generates incident reports to avoid compliance penalties


Security orchestration

Integrates with other IT solutions of your network and centralizes security management


Compliance adherence
and management

Maps the requirements of various compliance regulations with security operations; audit-ready compliance report templates and compliance violation alerts to help in complying with regulatory mandates

Breaking down
SIEM functions

SIEM is built on two main functions

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    Security information management (SIM)

    SIM involves the collection of all network activities. This can range from log data collected from servers, firewalls, domain controllers, routers, databases, and NetFlow to unstructured data present in the network, such as in emails.

    Log data can be collected using two techniques—agentless and agent-based collection.

    • Agent-based log collection

      This method requires the deployment of an agent on every device. The agent collects logs, then parses and filters them before returning the logs to the SIEM server. This technique is mainly used in a closed and secured network—such as a demilitarized zone—where communication is restricted.

    • Agentless log collection

      This is the more frequently used method in which logs generated by devices are automatically collected by the SIEM server using a secure communication channel, such as a specific port using secured protocols.

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    Security event management (SEM)

    SEM refers to the analysis of the collected data. The data is analyzed using various techniques, alerts about security events are sent, and workflows are initiated to respond to any abnormal behavior.

SIEM use cases


    Threat detection

    Detect security threats using rule-based log correlation engines, threat modeling framework (MITRE ATT&CK) integrations, and anomaly detection.


    Anomaly detection

    Spot advanced persistent threats and sophisticated attacks using AI- and ML-driven user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA).


    Cloud security

    Protect multi-cloud environments by auditing security events and enforcing security policies for access to cloud resources.


    Compliance auditing

    Prove compliance with regulatory mandates and generate audit-ready reports in a few clicks.


    Security analytics

    Continuously monitor security events from different sources across the network with analytical dashboards.


    Endpoint protection

    Monitor and protect your endpoints proactively from cyberthreats.


Enhance your security posture by leveraging the capabilities of Log360

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Log360, a unified SIEM with integrated DLP and
CASB capabilities

ManageEngine Log360, recognized in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for SIEM five consecutive times, offers intuitive security analytics, ML-driven UEBA, advanced threat analytics, a CASB, integrated compliance management, and security automation and response, all within a single console. Our SIEM solution helps you streamline your security operations by reducing the mean time to detect (MTTD) and MTTR by automating threat detection and response.
  • Comprehensive log management

    Log360 can ingest log data from over 750 sources right out of the box using agentless and agent-based log collection and log importing. It can also parse any human-readable log format and provide detailed insights for better analysis of unsupported or third-party application log formats.

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  • Real-time security analytics

    Log360 provides real-time insights on security events through its interactive dashboard. Further, the advanced incident management console lets you respond to security incidents instantaneously.

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  • Advanced threat analytics

    Log360’s integrated threat intelligence can provide better context on security threats to administrators and reduce the MTTD. This further speeds up the mitigation process by identifying known threat sources.

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  • UEBA

    Log360’s integrated threat intelligence can provide better context on security threats to administrators and reduce the MTTD. This further speeds up the mitigation process by identifying known threat sources.

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  • Cloud security and monitoring

    Log360 comes with integrated CASB capabilities that provides deeper insights on your cloud activities including the usage of shadow and banned applications.

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  • Automated security response

    Log360’s real-time alerting system will notify you instantly when any security threat is detected in the organization network.

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  • Integrated compliance management

    Log360’s integrated compliance management aims to simplify the audit process, minimize security risks, and ease the compliance demonstration for enterprises by providing out-of the box reports for the PCI DSS, the GDPR, HIPAA, and more.

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