What is SIEM?

Security information and event management (SIEM) software helps IT security professionals protect their enterprise network from cyberattacks. An SIEM solution collects log data from all infrastructure components in an organization to provide security professionals with real-time data and insights into network activity.

An inside view of your network can help you identify and prevent threats, and execute automated procedures as part of your incident response plan. This can boost the efficiency, performance, and response time of your security operations center (SOC) and help with various compliance mandates. An investment in a good SIEM solution can ward off future financial and legal liabilities your organization might face.

SIEM Use Cases

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User entity and behavior analytics (UEBA)

Threat intelligence

Log management

Security orchestration and automated response

An ideal SIEM solution will help a security professional effectively manage logs from all devices in the network. SIEM solutions will also be able to hunt for behavioral anomalies in the network, conduct investigations, and correlate seemingly random events across the network to alert the SOC of a possible security incident.

User entity and behavior analytics (UEBA) is a key ingredient in a SIEM tool because it helps security professionals create a baseline of "normal" user behavior. Using this baseline, a SIEM solution can detect and alert a SOC team of any unusual network activity. A security administrator can also program the SIEM solution to execute certain mitigation procedures in case a threat is detected. This helps reduce the response time and also contains the damage.

How Log360 helps your SOC team defend against threats?


Automated incident response

Integration with IT service management tools Automated workflow to reduce mean response time Security analytics for thorough investigation cycles.


Threat intelligence

UEBA Audit Active Directory environment, AWS and Azure environment and Microsoft Exchange servers Integrated with STIX and TAXII database to detect malicious IPs


Log management

Event log and syslog collection Agentless and agent-based log collection Log analysis and archiving

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