Incident management with Log360

Reduce the time taken to detect and respond to security incidents using Log360's incident management console.

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Improve cyber resilience with Log360's incident management console

According to IBM, organizations take an average of 184 days to detect a breach. The more time it takes to detect and resolve a security incident, the more expensive it is for the organization. To minimize the effects of a security incident, it is important for an organization to have an effective incident management process in place. ManageEngine Log360's incident management system can help your organization's security team respond to cyber security threats quickly and efficiently.

Incident detection

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Strengthen your incident management with Log360's dedicated incident overview dashboard

Log360's powerful incident manager allows enterprises to optimize their SOC metrics by providing a streamlined incident resolution process. With the help of the actionable incident dashboard, businesses can easily track key metrics such as mean time to detect (MTTD), mean time to respond (MTTR), and more. The dashboard also provides insights into active and unresolved incidents, recent and critical incidents, which can help you understand the workload of security analysts. With this information, enterprises can triage and prioritize incident resolution to ensure optimal functioning of their SOC.

Rule-based event correlation engine

Correlate log data collected from heterogeneous sources to detect attack patterns instantly using Log360's real-time event correlation engine.

  • Get notified immediately via Email/SMS when any suspicious activity occurs in the network.
  • Includes 30+ predefined correlation rules that can help you detect common cyber attacks such as Brute-force attacks, SQL injection attacks and possible ransomware activities.
  • Customize existing rules or create new rules using the in-built correlation rule builder.
  • Gain insights into different types of attacks using Log360's predefined event correlation reports.
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Machine-learning-based user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA)

Powered by machine learning algorithms, Log360's UEBA module can detect anomalous activities in your organization's network. By creating a baseline of normal behavior, it analyzes logs coming from various sources for any deviation from expected behavior.

  • Assign risk scores to each organization's user and entity by analyzing its deviation from the baseline.
  • Based on the risk scores, detect and protect your organization from threats such as insider attacks, data exfiltration, and account compromise.
  • Analyze anomalous activities across your network using Log360 UEBA's comprehensive and graphical anomaly reports.
  • Investigate abnormal activities across devices such as databases, routers, firewalls, servers, workstations, and more.

Leveraging threat intelligence for

Detect malicious sources interacting with your network by correlating logs with threat data obtained from global threat feeds.

  • Leverage threat information from STIX/TAXII-based threat feeds such as Hail A TAXII, AlienVault OTX, or add custom threat feeds.
  • Get notified in real time when traffic from and to blacklisted IP addresses are detected.
  • Analyze data from popular vendors, such as FireEye, Symantec, and Malwarebytes.
  • With advanced threat analytics module, obtain the location from where the attack originated.
Detect unusual file activities Detect unusual file activities

Incident response

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Real-time alerting system

With Log360, get real-time alerts when a security threat is detected in your organization's network.

  • With alerts being categorized into three severity levels (Attention, Trouble and Critical), you can prioritize and remediate the threat accordingly.
  • Includes more than 1,000 predefined alert criteria covering a variety of security use cases. You can also customize alerts as per your requirements.
  • You can set up incident response workflows to be executed automatically when an alert is triggered.
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Automated incident workflows

With Log360, you can respond to critical security threats immediately by setting up incident response workflows. They are executed automatically as a responsive action following the occurrence of a security incident.

  • With multiple built-in workflows, you can disable compromised user accounts, terminate processes and services running on compromised devices, block USB ports, modify firewall rules, and more.
  • With Log360's workflow builder, you can effortlessly create and customize workflows according to your needs.
  • You can also associate workflows with alert profiles so that they are executed as soon as an alert is raised.
  • With automated workflows, reduce alert fatigue by decreasing the time taken to respond to every alert.
Log360 monitors network for security threats
Log360 detects threats through log correlation, UEBA, threat intelligence techniques
Log360 raises real-time alerts upon threat detection
Log360 responds immediately with automated response workflows
Log360 helps you to assign tickets to technicians to resolve the incident

5 reasons to choose Log360 for incident management


Incident detection through MITRE ATT&CK framework implementation

Using the MITRE ATT&CK framework, Log360 can help your security team detect the latest, advanced cyberthreats in your organization's network.


Intuitive incident timeline analytics

Gain valuable insights into various security-related events with intuitive dashboards and graphical reports that are updated instantly upon log collection.


Forensic and root cause analysis with easy to use search console

Simplify forensic analysis with Log360's powerful log search engine. Analyze raw and formatted logs, and generate forensic reports to find the root cause of a security incident.


Automated and built-in ticketing system

Resolve security incidents with ease by assigning tickets to security administrators automatically using Log360's built-in ticketing tool.


Integrations with third-party ITSM tools for centralized incident management

Integrate with external ticketing tools, such as Jira Service Desk, Zendesk, ServiceNow, ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus, Kayako, or BMC Remedy Service Desk to manage incidents effectively.