Patch Management

  1. Manual patch scanning fails. Error messages:
  2. Patch configuration fails. Error messages:
  3. Service Pack installation fails. Error message: Unknown Error Code-536870921
  4. Patch installation fails with error message: Unknown Error Code:-2145124343
  5. Patch installation fails with error message: Unknown Error Code:-2145124297
  6. Scheduled patch scanning fails
  7. No patches are listed in the Applicable and Missing Patches section
  8. Automatic patch download or download and draft creation or download and deploy patches function not started. Message: Not Started
  9. Problem while changing the patch-store directory. Error message: Invalid patch-store location
  10. Patch installation fails. Error message: Fails with an unknown error code 1073741502
  11. Cannot install Java and Adobe Flash Player updates
  12. Scheduled automatic patch deployment. Status message on the screen: No Missing Patches Found
  13. Patch Download Fails
  14. Problem in generating patch scan data
  15. Patch Configuration Failure - Component Store Corrupted