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Why should you analyze network traffic?

Network administrators are the linchpin for maintaining a sound network infrastructure, which can often be a daunting task since you need to monitor and manage the network and servers 24x7. However, even with around-the-clock monitoring, every network is susceptible to bandwidth hogs, which can put enterprises at risk if they cause business-critical applications to slow down. The classic knee-jerk reaction to bandwidth hogs is to buy more bandwidth; rather than this reactive action, the key to identify and eliminate these bandwidth hogging applications is to proactively analyze network traffic.

The need of the hour: Try our best free network traffic analyzer

In ever-evolving business environments, it is crucial to visualize the events occurring across your network and evade downtime. Flow technology provides the fastest solution to monitor, analyze, and troubleshoot network issues.

NetFlow Analyzer is one of the best free network traffic monitoring tools that provides a holistic view of your network traffic. With our network analyzer, you can quantify your network use pattern and purpose. By analyzing the flow data, you will also gain real-time insights into your network bandwidth, ensuring seamless operation of business-critical applications.

NetFlow Analyzer's flow-based network traffic monitoring

The best way to gain insights into your network traffic is by performing network flow monitoring. Flow monitoring provides a high-level summary of network transactions such as:

  • Sender and receiver IP addresses
  • The communication ports used
  • The duration of each conversation
  • The amount of data transferred

Network flow monitoring also helps in setting QoS policies to ensure that business-critical applications get sufficient bandwidth. With our advanced free NetFlow traffic analyzer, we make exporting flows to initiate the monitoring process easier than ever with minimal human intervention. With our predefined and custom flow export methods, you can spend less time configuring and more time monitoring your network.

ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer performs free network traffic analysis is by leveraging leading flow technologies such as NetFlow, sFlow, IPFIX, Netstream, J-Flow.

Analyze real-time network traffic - Free NetFlow traffic analyzer

NetFlow Analyzer is a free NetFlow network traffic analyzer and its customizable dashboard enables you to view widgets grouped by devices, interfaces, interface groups, or IP groups, and can also detect network anomalies at a glance. With this bird's-eye view over your network, the process of drilling down to identify the top talkers, conversations, and applications becomes simplified. With enhanced visibility into the network, the mean time to resolve issues is also greatly minimized.

Free Network Traffic Analyzer - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

With our free network traffic analyzer, network traffic usage monitoring is as easy as it gets!

Forecast bandwidth utilization.

In order to use network resources efficiently and prevent bottlenecks due to overutilization of bandwidth, it's essential to be able to predict network traffic. This can help manage various processes such as congestion control, network bandwidth allocation, and anomaly detection. Our free network analysis tool does just that.

Best Network Traffic Analyzer - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer
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Get intuitive reports with our network traffic analyzer.

In-depth traffic reporting provides thorough statistics and graphs to help analyze the root cause of network issues and ensure that the network runs smoothly. With the free network traffic analyzer software, these reports can also be automatically scheduled to save time. Additionally, our free network traffic analysis tool enables users to create alert profiles in which they can configure threshold values based on utilization, duration, and frequency. Our free network traffic analyzer generates alerts and notifies the user whenever the predefined thresholds are violated.

Looking for the best network traffic analyzer?

With our comprehensive network monitoring solution, network downtime is a thing of the past. From exporting flows in a single click to gaining in-depth visibility into your network traffic, our free network traffic analyzer software offers a comprehensive solution to all your bandwidth management needs. NetFlow Analyzer doesn't require any hardware probes and can be downloaded, used in your network environment, and evaluated for 30 days. Start your evaluation by trying our free edition now!