Protocol Analyzer Tool

Protocol analyzer: A defense tool for your network performance

As a network administrator, you know it takes a huge effort to navigate the evolving IT landscape. Whether for a small or large enterprise, managing a network to make it accessible and its performance effective requires a suite of monitoring strategies and tools. Essentially, a protocol analyzer software.

Most IT admins require protocol analyzers to identify potential network risks and help troubleshoot them. Unlike traditional analytics, protocol analyzer systems can find the source of security incidents with forensics features and get them resolved quickly.

What is a protocol analyzer?

A protocol analyzer allows IT admins to capture and analyze network traffic data for detecting any performance issues or identifying harmful activity. Network protocol analyzer systems come in the form of hardware, software, or a combination of the two.

While hardware systems are used for capturing and analyzing the headers of packets as they pass through the network, software-based systems capture the data with software and display it in a readable format. The statistics can identify traffic spikes that happen during peak hours and help recognize security attacks disguised as business requests.

What are protocol analyzer tools used for?

Protocol analyzer software can come in handy for many organizations as they work to eliminate bandwidth bottlenecks. They can be used to monitor network performance and help debug errors by pinpointing the root cause of an issue. With network protocol analyzers, you can:

  • Capture data packets as they traverse through the network and analyze them quickly, reducing debugging time.
  • Locate the packets of the network and help identify the causes of congestion in the network traffic.
  • Detect abnormal traffic characteristics in the network, and be alerted to any threats.
  • Learn how the network is being used, what information is passing, and then upgrade security features accordingly.
  • Know the capacity required for each department in your organization and plan for any capacity upgrades.

Challenges with not using a protocol analyzer tool

While organizations might invest in a suite of tools to gain complete visibility over their network, they still miss out on the benefits of a comprehensive solution. Without protocol analyzer, blind spots in their network remain, there's less knowledge about what traffic is passing through it, and the overall performance and accessibility of the network is hampered.

Given today's hybrid work environment, a significant and varied amount of data can pass through your network, and managing it is complex without a protocol analysis tool. If you're not spotting unusual levels of network traffic and packet characteristics, you might be allowing harmful traffic into your IT environment. Moreover, when your network is handling traffic above its threshold, it may slow and lead to an outage.

While security systems such as firewalls can help protect your network, they can be ineffective against highly evolved cyberattacks and leave your network at risk. With a protocol analyzer system, you can detect malicious traffic with packet-level capture and behavior analytics.

Manage your performance challenges with NetFlow Analyzer's protocol analysis software

NetFlow Analyzer is a network protocol analysis tool that monitors, captures, and analyzes your network traffic and presents the insights as graphical charts with granular details of up to one minute. You get information about traffic types by packets, volume, speed, and utilization.

Protocol Analyzer - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

With our network protocol analyzer tool, you can find the bandwidth usage by Layer 4, Layer 7 and homegrown applications. You can also find the bandwidth consumed by protocols and generate protocol distribution reports to find the root cause of any performance issue.

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