Linux Network Traffic Monitoring Tools

Linux network traffic monitoring

ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer is a comprehensive network traffic monitoring solution that provides a wide range of bandwidth and network traffic monitoring features. A web-based network traffic monitor, it runs on both Windows and Linux systems and analyzes flow data to track network traffic. NetFlow Analyzer gives you insights into your network's bandwidth usage by providing metrics for your traffic volume, speed, packets, top talkers, bandwidth utilization, network anomalies, and more.

What do you need in a Linux network traffic monitoring software?

Being able to monitor the state of every single device in your network at any given point is fundamental to maintaining the health and efficiency of your network infrastructure. A Linux network traffic monitoring tool helps network admins,

How does NetFlow Analyzer monitor network traffic on Linux devices?

NetFlow Analyzer's NetFlow Generator tool passively captures and converts raw network packets into NetFlow packets to help you monitor devices that don't support flow. With this feature, you can now monitor and analyze network traffic from your Windows and Linux devices as easily as you would monitor your flow-based devices.

Advantages of using NetFlow Analyzer to monitor Linux network traffic

With the free NetFlow Generator tool, you can add and monitor your devices with just a few clicks without having to spend hours configuring them. The Linux network traffic monitor comes with a plethora of reports and customization options that help you monitor real-time network traffic in a Linux server and analyze the data to give you complete visibility into your network.

How does NetFlow Analyzer work as a Linux network traffic monitoring tool?

NetFlow Analyzer's key real-time Linux network traffic monitor features include:

  • Bandwidth monitoring
  • Network traffic analysis
  • Application and protocol monitoring
  • Multi-vendor support
  • Network security
Linux Network Traffic Monitor - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer
Linux Network Traffic Monitoring - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer
Linux Network Traffic Monitoring Tool - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

Bandwidth monitoring and network traffic analysis

The Linux network traffic monitor functionalities in NetFlow Analyzer help you monitor bandwidth usage by device, interface, application, or user. With its in-depth bandwidth usage reports, it helps you learn, in real time, who is using your network and why. NetFlow Analyzer monitors and analyzes bandwidth usage patterns and network traffic trends to provide detailed network traffic and forensics reports that make bandwidth management easier and more efficient.

Application and protocol monitoring

NetFlow Analyzer recognizes, classifies, and monitors applications with various technologies like NBAR and CBQoS. With its comprehensive Linux network traffic monitoring reports, NetFlow Analyzer helps you gain insights into application usage, and application growth trends to help you anticipate your bandwidth needs. It helps you optimize your network bandwidth to ensure your business-critical applications are prioritized.

Multi-vendor support

NetFlow Analyzer supports devices from Cisco, 3COM, Juniper, Foundry Networks, Hewlett-Packard, Extreme, and other leading vendors. It also supports all top flow formats, such as NetFlow, sFlow, jFlow, IPFIX, Netstream, and AppFlow.

Network security

With its advanced Continuous Stream Mining Engine technology, NetFlow Analyzer serves as an advanced Linux network traffic monitor. The Security module helps you identify network anomalies and security threats like DDoS attacks, port scans, and zero-day intrusions. This helps you identify and troubleshoot network issues before they affect your end users.

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