Remote work has become the new normal, and businesses across the globe are adjusting their strategies and policies to move all of their operations to remote environments to keep business going even during volatile market conditions; however, remote work presents its own set of challenges. Security breaches, mismanagement of the IT infrastructure, and a poor end user experience are some of the major concerns for IT admins.

Don't worry—ManageEngine has you covered

Don't worry ManageEngine has you covered

ManageEngine's range of IT operations management (ITOM) products guarantee you a frictionless transition into remote work. Our ITOM solutions are all you need to resolve your network, configuration, application, network security, and server management problems resulting from the current remote work scenario.

VPN management for security and capacity planning

VPN connections are susceptible to security breaches and can lead to data misuse if infiltrated by a malicious actor. Also, miscalculated VPN capacity could negatively impact scalability. ManageEngine's Firewall Analyzer helps plan capacity and keep tabs on the security of your VPN connections to prevent cyberattacks and inappropriate VPN use.

With Firewall Analyzer, you can:

  • Block access to hostile IPs
  • Track VPN usage trends for capacity planning and forecasting
  • Gauge peak hour VPN bandwidth utilization to plan scalability
  • Monitor bandwidth utilization to zero in on IPs that consume high levels of bandwidth

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VPN monitoring for improved performance

A virtual private network serves as a conduit for remote employees to access on-premises services and applications. To ensure the continual delivery of these services, a robust VPN has to be in place. ManageEngine OpManager helps monitor the performance and health of your VPN connections proactively to streamline troubleshooting.

With OpManager, you can:

  • Keep track of the number of active VPN connections and tunnels
  • Closely monitor the volume of data sent and received via your VPN tunnels
  • Track your VPN bandwidth utilization
  • Check the status and availability of all VPN connections

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Security monitoring for a BYOD infrastructure

The transition to remote work has exposed businesses to more cyberattacks and increased the chances of bandwidth anomalies. Moreover, bring your own device (BYOD) policies increase vulnerability to security threats because of the substandard security measures on many employees' personal devices. ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer leverages flow technologies to provide real-time visibility into network bandwidth performance. It also helps network admins forecast cyberthreats, and proactively detect bandwidth anomalies.

With NetFlow Analyzer, you can:

  • Monitor and analyze your network's real-time traffic
  • Provide in-depth visibility on your network's performance
  • Detect and notify about bandwidth anomalies
  • Analyze security breaches and violations
  • Forecast cyberattacks

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Configuration management and security compliance for remote IT teams

Network configurations have to be modified to deliver a seamless experience to remote users. But manually performing these operations is risky, since even the slightest error could lead to a data breach or a network outage. With Network Configuration Manager, you can remotely make configuration changes, automate tasks, and back up configurations.

Using Network Configuration Manager, you can:

  • Back up network configurations
  • Receive configuration change notifications
  • Automate network tasks using Configlets
  • Check policy compliance, and fix violations

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Application Performance and Digital Experience Monitoring

Given that remote work has heavily increased traffic on the internet, it's more important than ever to ensure your business applications deliver a seamless user experience to maintain uninterrupted business service continuity. Slow response times can compromise application performance and hurt the user experience. Applications Manager offers complete visibility into the performance of critical business applications, from URL availability to slow queries in the database, and ensures that end users always have a smooth digital experience.

With Applications Manager, you can:

  • Monitor your hybrid IT Infrastructure, including servers and applications hosted in physical, virtual, or cloud environments, from a single console.
  • Automatically discover applications in your network and map dependencies between them
  • Isolate application performance issues by drilling down to SQL statements
  • Perform synthetic transaction monitoring to measure the digital experience across geographies
  • Detect performance problems with dynamic base lining and automated remedial actions

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ManageEngine ITOM: Your one-stop shop to streamline remote work and preserve business continuity

Let ManageEngine's range of ITOM solutions do the heavy lifting!


Monitor routers, switches, firewalls, servers, and VMs for fault and performance.

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Applications Manager

Monitor the performance of applications, servers, databases, cloud services, and more with complete visibility.

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NetFlow Analyzer

Get real-time, in-depth visibility into your network's bandwidth performance.

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Network Configuration Manager

Take complete control over your network's configurations, changes, compliance, and user activity.

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Firewall Analyzer

Get complete visibility and control over your entire network's security.

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Easily manage switches and the IP address space with ease, and block rogue devices that enter the network.

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OpManager Plus

Leverage the power of a single console for all your IT operations management needs.

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