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Centralized certificate management in IIS and Windows CA

If you are operating in a Windows environment, managing Certificate Store and Internet Information services (IIS) is one of the important aspects to ensure secure, uninterrupted access. Certificate mismanagement might lead to website downtimes, errors and in the worst cases, even security breaches. Key Manager Plus helps you stay secure by facilitating centralized certificate management in IIS and MS Certificate Store.

Discover, track and manage certificates in MS Certificate Store.

Microsoft Certificate Store can be visualized as a store house of digital certificates in the Windows operating system. These certificates need to be properly organized and managed in order to fend off connection downtimes and errors. To ensure secure, uninterrupted connection, you will have to

  • Discover all certificates from Certificate Store
  • Consolidate them in a centralized repository
  • Deploy new certificates as and when acquired to the appropriate stores
  • Track them for expiry

This process is highly error prone and time consuming especially when a lot of servers are involved. Organizations need to switch to automation to streamline the process and keep away downtimes and authentication errors.

Key Manager Plus automatically discovers the certificates from Certificate Store, consolidates them in a centralized repository and tracks them for expiry. Also, you can deploy the newly acquired certificates to the respective stores directly from Key Manager Plus interface.

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Deploy certificates to Windows server (Internet Information Services) in a single click.

Similarly, if your organization uses Windows web servers, managing server certificates is another important task you have to take care of. Server certificates expiring unexpectedly is the last thing you want to encounter because even one expired certificate can bring down your organization's reputation. To ensure proper management of certificates, you have to

  • Request for certificates from trusted CA
  • Consolidate them in a centralized repository
  • Deploy them to respective servers
  • Track them for expiry

Key Manager Plus facilitates complete web server certificate management. You can centralize certificate requests, consolidate the certificates, deploy them to respective servers and track them for expiry from Key Manager Plus interface.

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