Attack detection

Detect security threats accurately and curb cyberattacks thoroughly.


Detect security threats accurately by correlating suspicious events throughout your network with Log360's event log correlation engine.

Behavior analysis

Identify insider threats through user and entity behavior analytics, which leverages machine learning for accurate threat detection.

Remote work security

Ensure a secure remote work environment by detecting cloud-, VPN-, and COVID-19-related security threats.

ATT&CK detection

Prioritize threats that occur earlier in the attack chain by using Mitre ATT&CK framework in Log360.


Threat intelligence

Guard your network against malicious intruders.

Internal threats

Get alerted about and block malicious traffic to or from blacklisted IP addresses, domains, and URLs in real time, and get recommended options to remediate threats with predefined workflow rules.

External threats

Leverage STIX/TAXII format threat feeds to discover malicious IPs, domains, and URLs through threat intelligence.

Threat hunting

Find malicious actors and potential hidden attacks that have slipped through your initial security defenses by leveraging advanced threat analytics.


Incident management

Respond to security threats quickly and effectively.

Forensic analysis

Protect your network from future attacks by conducting forensic analysis and analyzing the tracks left by attackers.

Quick mitigation

Reduce the mean time to detect (MTTD) and mean time to resolve (MTTR) an incident by quickly detecting, categorizing, analyzing, and resolving an incident accurately.

Incident resolution

Utilize incident workflows that define a set of actions to be triggered for different types of security incidents.


User and entity behavior analytics

Maximize your network's cybersecurity through machine learning.

User monitoring

Detect suspicious activities from users in your network by utilizing machine learning techniques.

Consolidated dashboard

Utilize risk scores, anomaly trends, and intuitive reports to keep track of the activities of high risk users and entities.

Advanced threat detection

Defend against insider threats, account compromise, and data exfiltration by monitoring user behavior.


Cloud security

Secure your AWS, Azure, Salesforce, and Google Cloud Platform cloud infrastructures.

IaaS and PaaS

Navigate easily through a consolidated dashboard for a unified infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS) experience.


Manage users, user activities, groups, and identity and access management (IAM) errors.

Complete visibility

Monitor changes to your users, network security groups, virtual private cloud, and permission changes.

Incident management

Set alerts for multiple indicators of compromise (IoCs) in your cloud and speed up the incident detection and mitigation process.

AWS security

Protect your AWS infrastructure by monitoring login activity, S3 bucket changes, security group changes, and more.

Cloud data security

Safeguard cloud accounts from unauthorized access and ensure the protection of cloud-based data assets.


Integrated compliance management

Meet regulatory requirements with ease.

Complete resource auditing

Easily meet compliance regulations such as PCI DSS, SOX, HIPAA, the GDPR, and more.

Effortless report generation

Automatically generate compliance reports using predefined templates and export reports to PDF or CSV.

Security gaps identification

Strengthen security policies with user activity monitoring, continuous log reviewing and reporting, and real-time alerting.


Real-time security monitoring

Monitor important resources in your network.

Log and data analysis

Collect and analyze logs from various sources in your environment including end-user devices, and get insights in the form of graphs and intuitive reports that help spot security threats.

VPN activity

Monitor your VPN connections and detect VPN-related security threats through real-time alerts.

File and folder changes

Track critical activities such as creation, deletion, access, modification, and renames on your files and folders, and get alerted to suspicious activity through file integrity monitoring.

Privileged users

Track changes made by privileged users and detect suspicious events such as unauthorized logons, logon failures, and access attempts during non-working hours.


Security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR)

Expedite incident resolution by prioritizing security threats and automating responses to detected security incidents through standard workflows, saving time and effort in your security operations.

Data visibility and security

Protect your organization's sensitive data.

Data security

Ensure data security by monitoring personally identifiable information in file servers and storage.

Real-time alerts

Receive alerts on unusual activity like unauthorized modifications made to critical files and permissions.

Data protection

Spot instances of anomalous user behavior like spikes in file modifications, and block USB ports to prevent data leaks.


Real-time change auditing

Fortify business-critical applications and devices.

SQL and IIS auditing

Audit activities on your SQL databases, Oracle databases, IIS web servers, and Apache web servers with predefined reports and real-time alerts.

Active Directory auditing

Monitor critical changes in your Active Directory environment like unauthorized logins, security group membership changes, account lockouts, OU permission changes, and more.

Network device auditing

Analyze and track changes in your network perimeter devices, including routers, switches, firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and intrusion prevention systems in real-time.

Microsoft 365 auditing

Gain complete visibility into your Microsoft 365 environment by monitoring mailbox traffic, malicious emails, and inactive users.

Active Directory reporting

Speed up the AD cleanup process by utilizing account information such as creation, deletion, or modification through graphical reports.

Exchange auditing

Get accurate and actionable data on all aspects of your Exchange Server.


Equip your SOC with SIEM

Collect security data from across your network, hunt for threats, conduct investigations, and correlate security events together to detect security threats proactively. Utilize behavioral analytics to reduce false positives and prioritize threats with the highest risks. Accelerate threat mitigation by automating responses at every stage through pre-built workflow rules.

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