Conduct log forensics and reconstruct crime scenes with Log360

Monitor security events, detect compromised accounts, spot anomalous activities, and identify root cause of threats.

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Conduct forensic analysis with Log360

No organization can detect and defend against attacks all the time. Sometimes, organizations learn about an attack only after it takes place. This makes it important to collect, retrieve, and analyse logs about the incident to gain information on what went wrong and how it can be avoided in the future.

ManageEngine Log360 helps you conduct forensic analysis proficiently. The solution helps you identify network or system anomalies by enabling network administrators to drill down into raw logs and conduct a root cause analysis within minutes.


Centralized threat management

Log360 comes with built-in threat intelligence capabilities that help identify malicious IPs, domains, and URLs intruding into a network. The solution flags these sources based on data from external threat feeds, all from a single console.

Spot lateral movement attempts

Powerful search engine

With Log360's powerful search engine, network admins can drill down into raw or formatted logs and generate detailed reports instantly. Further, the solution can identify the origin of the attack, the root cause, provide insights on who initiated the attack, and more.

Manage advanced security incidents

Correlation reports

Log360 comes with a powerful correlation engine that can help identify patterns and reconstruct the sequence of attack events. The solution also provides detailed timelines of the suspicious incidents, thus enabling you to backtrack the incidents in seconds.

critical security events

Why choose Log360 for forensic analysis?

Incident detection

Log360's security capabilities help you detect malicious domains, URLs, identify incidents, and more.

Expedite effective threat resolution

Log360's attack detection module is integrated with the incident management framework for speedy resolutions.

Automate your threat response

Log360's incident workflows can be automated to mitigate security threats, stopping attackers in their tracks and preventing a potential cyberattack.