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In the healthcare sector, ensuring the confidentiality of patient records is not just critical; it's mandated by law. Secure patient data with ease using Log360, our comprehensive HIPAA compliance software. Designed meticulously to protect sensitive medical information, Log360 ensures your healthcare organization's adherence to HIPAA.

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  • Audit-ready report templates
  • PHI protection
  • Breach detection and notification
  • Log archiving

Audit-ready report templates

Achieving and maintaining HIPAA compliance is a top priority for healthcare organizations. Log360 as your HIPAA compliance software offers predefined, audit-ready reports specifically designed to meet HIPAA compliance requirements, saving you valuable time and effort compared to manual report generation. This software provides comprehensive audit trail capabilities to track and monitor user activities related to protected health information (PHI) access and modification, aiding in compliance reporting and incident investigation. These reports can be customized and automated, making it easier for you to demonstrate HIPAA compliance efforts during audits.

PHI protection

PHI refers to any identifiable information within a medical record linked to an individual, which is generated, applied, or shared while providing healthcare services. Log360, as your HIPAA compliance software, helps you maintain compliance with regulatory standards by securely managing PHI through encryption and stringent access controls. The solution’s file integrity monitoring (FIM) capability monitors and alerts you to critical changes made to the files containing PHI and helps maintain the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive health information—a core requirement of HIPAA. Furthermore, its FIM capability helps maintain the data integrity of ePHI by alerting you promptly to unauthorized modifications, which could potentially compromise patient safety and privacy.

Breach detection and notification

Log360's integration of advanced threat intelligence and the MITRE ATT&CK framework significantly bolsters its capabilities in detecting breaches. The solution's advanced correlation rules meticulously scan for any indicators of unauthorized access, data exfiltration attempts, misuse of PHI, or other potential data breaches. When a threat is detected, the system promptly alerts you, enabling swift action to mitigate the risk. The solution helps generates comprehensive reports for incident assessment and offers real-time notifications for HIPAA breach indicators, facilitating immediate action and reporting to higher authorities.

Log archiving

Log archiving is essential for HIPAA compliance, ensuring the secure storage of detailed logs of all activities involving PHI. Log360's log archival capability enhances data security and compliance by encrypting, hashing, and timestamping logs, and documenting the archive creation time, archive size, and the source device of the archived logs. HIPAA compliance specifies that logs need to be retained for minimum of six years. The solution's log retention settings help you comply with these regulations, providing a seamless approach to retain log data for the required timeframe. These detailed audit logs facilitate compliance audits, forensic investigations, and accountability for security incidents.

Enhance your security and HIPAA compliance posture with Log360

  • Track user logons
  • Generate audit-ready reports
  • Real-time HIPAA compliance alerts
  • Archive logs

Track user logons

HIPAA compliance dashboard

Monitor and track all user logons and logoffs to spot anomalous user activities.


Intuitive dashboard: Visualize audit data to track trends, spot anomalies, and gain insights at a glance.

Generate audit-ready reports

HIPAA compliance reports

Maintain a comprehensive audit trail detailing who did what, when, and from where.


Export reports in multiple formats, like PDF or CSV.

Real-time HIPAA compliance alerts

HIPAA compliant software sends real time alerts

Easily track security events and receive real-time breach notifications to protect patient privacy proactively.


Get notified via email and SMS of any suspicious activities or policy violations.

Archive logs

Archive log data to seamlessly comply with HIPAA audit

Efficiently archive log data for an extended period to meet compliance requirements.

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What else does Log360 offer?

Centralized log management

Manage logs centrally by collecting, storing, and analyzing data from various sources, including perimeter devices, network devices, endpoint security solutions, web servers, database platforms, and applications through a unified dashboard.

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Advanced threat analytics

Identify and thwart potential threats targeting PHI stored in your database by leveraging Log360's international threat feeds such as STIX/TAXII and AlienVault OTX.

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Print server management

Monitor and audit document printing, unauthorized print attempts, and failed print jobs and their causes, and maintain detailed reports to safeguard sensitive health information.

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Removable device auditing

Audit USB device usage to effectively mitigate insider threats and prevent the theft of sensitive data. Maintain comprehensive audit trails for all activities involving removable disks to ensure compliance with HIPAA and to facilitate forensic investigations.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is HIPAA compliant software?
  • What are the key features to look for in HIPAA compliance software?
  • How can I find the best HIPPA compliance software for my organization?

What is HIPAA compliant software?

HIPAA compliant software provides a comprehensive framework for healthcare organizations to manage, protect, and securely share PHI while mitigating the risk of breaches and ensuring adherence to regulatory standards.

What are the key features to look for in HIPAA compliance software?

HIPAA compliance software includes vital features such as risk assessment, policy management, access controls, incident reporting, audit trails, encryption, data protection, compliance reporting, and ongoing updates and support, helping healthcare organizations maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of patient data while meeting stringent HIPAA regulations and the security of PHI.

How can I find the best HIPPA compliance software for my organization?

To find the best HIPAA compliance software for your organization, start by assessing your specific needs, considering the size and the volume of sensitive PHI you handle and any particular compliance challenges you face. Then, research available options thoroughly and examine the features, pricing, user reviews, and vendor reputation. Focus on essential features like advanced risk assessment tools, robust policy management, stringent access controls, and secure encryption protocols to enhance data protection and regulatory compliance. Ensure seamless integration with your existing systems and workflows, and confirm it has robust security measures to safeguard ePHI.

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