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Microsoft 365 Group Membership Management

Groups are an easy way to send emails or assign permissions to users collectively. When new employees join your organization, all you have to do is add them to appropriate groups to grant them access to the required resources. Most of the time there will be multiple groups to which the new users must be added. But, the Microsoft 365 portal does not have a provision to add users to multiple groups in one go. And, that's why you need a comprehensive Microsoft 365 management solution that can fill in all the missing gaps of native Microsoft 365.

Group Membership Management with Microsoft 365

As shown in the image below, in the Microsoft 365 portal, users cannot be added to more than one group at a time. Let's now see how M365 Manager Plus, a comprehensive Microsoft 365 management, reporting, and auditing solution can resolve this challenge easily.

Microsoft 365 Group Management

Group Membership Management with M365 Manager Plus

M365 Manager Plus provides you with three separate tasks to manage the members of distribution lists, mail-enabled security groups, and Microsoft 365 groups respectively. The tasks can be found in the solution's web-console under Group Management category in the Management tab.

Microsoft 365 Group Membership Management

With M365 Manager Plus you can,

  • Choose to add or remove members in the same window.
  • Add or remove users from multiple groups.
  • Select any number of users manually or use the CSV Import option to upload the list of users.

Microsoft 365 Bulk Group Member Management

It must be clear from the above explanation that the entire process of adding or removing users from groups can be done in a few clicks without much hassle with M365 Manager Plus.


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