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Advanced Microsoft 365 mailbox content search

Many IT admins search through the subject and body of emails in their organization's Microsoft 365 mailboxes to identify security threats. These searches, however, provide limited results and won't uncover every piece of potentially malicious mailbox content. Admins should expand their searches to include attachments, contacts, message headers, internet message IDs, trash folders, and other attributes, as these locations are where the clearest threat indicators reside.

Want a more efficient alternative to Microsoft 365's limited mailbox search? Try M365 Manager Plus' Microsoft 365 content search feature. This search helps you keep an eye on the emails sent and received by your organization. M365 Manager Plus not only helps you retrieve emails and attachments lost among a growing list of emails, but also ensures email security and compliance.

M365 Manager Plus' mailbox content search allows you to:

  • Search multiple mailboxes: Search across all or selected mailboxes in your Microsoft 365 setup in a single click.
  • Perform condition-based searches: Set multiple conditions to filter out the emails you don’t need to view.
  • Perform pattern-based searches: Use RegEx and commonly used phrases to identify emails with personal information.
  • Automate searches: Create search profiles to look through mailboxes at specified intervals automatically.
  • Create alerts: Configure detailed email alerts about automated search results.

Identify emails containing personal information

As mandated by the GDPR, HIPAA, FISMA, and other regulatory and compliance policies, users are not allowed to share credit card numbers, social security numbers, login credentials, and other personal information through emails.

With M365 Manager Plus' pattern-based content search, emails containing the aforementioned personal information can be easily identified. You can even configure email notifications to send you a search results report when such emails are sent or received by users in your organization.

Search all mailbox attachments

Sharing insider information with any external entity is a punishable offense. With M365 Manager Plus' advanced Microsoft 365 content search option, you can see every email with attachment in every mailbox.

Identify spear phishing attacks

Phishing emails typically contain links to bogus websites that are either full of malware or request the recipient’s credentials. Since phishing emails are often sent by an attacker masquerading as a legitimate person, most users will walk straight into the trap. These emails are serious security threats, as one employee's mistake could jeopardize the security of an entire organization.

Keep an eye on message internet headers—which provide technical details of emails such as the sender's email address, the platform used to compose the email, and the email servers it has passed through—with M365 Manager Plus. Configure alerts that include detailed reports to notify you when an email is sent from an unknown user or unidentified server.

Scrutinize email content and identify phishing attacks with content search.

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