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Remote employee monitoring in Microsoft 365

In the recent times, businesses all over the world have motivated their employees to work from home- an option that was once seldom sought after. With many employees working remotely, M365 Manager Plus brings you comprehensive reports that help you monitor your remote workforce by tracking Microsoft 365 user activities.These reports can be scheduled to be generated periodically and You can also choose to export these reports in various formats, such as CSV, XLSX, PDF, and HTML.

M365 Manger Plus offers a brief view of user activities in Microsoft 365 with its Usage View dashboard. The dashboard can be customized to show graphical representations of the required user activity reports in the form of widgets which can then be embedded in web pages, files or even exported in JPG format for further analysis.

Remote Employee Monitoring In Microsoft 365


Here's how you can schedule reports on user activities:

  1. Click on the Reports tab.
  2. Click the Schedule Report option at the top right corner and choose Create Schedule
  3. Enter a Name and Description for the scheduler that you are about to create and choose your Microsoft 365 Tenant.
  4. Choose the Microsoft 365 service and select the required reports from Available Reports list
  5. Schedule a time to generate the reports and select the format in which you want to export them
  6. Click Save.

Take a look at the list of reports that can help you monitor remote user activities in Microsoft 365 services:

  • Mail Traffic Summary
  • Email Activity by User
  • Top Sender
  • Email Activity By Group
  • Daily Outlook User Activity
  • Shared Mailbox Email Activity
  • Distribution List Mail Summary
  • Room Mailbox Booking Count
  • Calendar Log Events
  • Daily Active Microsoft 365 Users Count
  • Daily Microsoft 365 Group Activities Count by Type
  • Contacts Activity
  • Daily OneDrive User Count by File Activity
  • Daily OneDrive Active File Count
  • OneDrive User Activities
  • Daily OneDrive Site Activities
  • OneDrive Files Accessed
  • Daily Skype User Activity
  • Daily Skype Organized Minutes Consumed
  • Daily Skype User Count by Session Type
  • Daily Skype Organized Sessions Count by Type
  • Daily Yammer Activities Count by Type
  • Daily Yammer User Activities
  • Daily Yammer Group Activities
  • Daily Yammer User Count by Device Usage
  • Daily Teams User Count by Device Usage
  • Daily Teams Activities Count by Type
  • Daily Teams User Count by Activity

To know more about how to monitor remote user activities in an M365 environment, click  here.


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