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Manage teams with the Microsoft Teams admin center

Using the Microsoft Teams admin center, you can create teams and policies, add or remove users, manage teams, view usage information, and export reports.

Microsoft Teams admin center

M365 Manager Plus, a Microsoft 365 reporting, auditing, management, monitoring, and alerting tool, gives you intuitive and comprehensive reports along with handy options for efficiently and easily managing your Microsoft Teams. Read on to learn about the advantages of using M365 Manager Plus.

M365 Manager Plus’ Teams reporting options

Get reports on the teams, channels, members' details, size, activity, and usage information. These reports also fetch data older than 180 days. You can export these reports in four formats: CSV, PDF, HTML, or XLSX. You can also schedule these reports to be automatically generated and sent via email to the relevant users.

M365 Manager Plus’ Teams reporting options

M365 Manager Plus’ Teams management options

Manage your Microsoft Teams tasks like creation, updates, channel management, modification of members, and archive activities using M365 Manager Plus. Its easy management options let you perform operations for users in bulk. You can import user data using CSV files, and create or delete multiple users simultaneously.

M365 Manager Plus’ Teams management options

Why use M365 Manager Plus?

  • Over 700 preconfigured reports and unique custom reports
  • Geolocation-enabled reports
  • Bulk user and mailbox management
  • Customizable templates to manage users, groups, and contacts
  • Rules to auto-populate fields
  • Custom naming formats and password policies for templates
  • Automation of management tasks
  • Custom roles and virtual tenant creation and delegation
  • Role-based help desk delegation without elevating users' rights in native environments

Learn more about how M365 Manager Plus helps you manage Microsoft Teams.


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