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Right Mailbox to Right Person

It is a common practice to create mailboxes for each and every project/team handled by the company. When people start to work on multiple projects, they must be given permission to the right mailboxes which must be done carefully. These permission changes must be monitored so that right people gain access to right mailboxes.

Shared mailboxes are a convenient way to create generic mailboxes which can be used to send and receive emails from customers centrally. These mailboxes do not have credentials, instead, users must be assigned permissions to use them.

You have to use PowerShell scripts to monitor the permission changes and record it in an Excel sheet to prepare audit reports. M365 Manager Plus automates this entire process. In a single click, you can generate Mailbox Permission Changes Audit Report, which gives you details on all mailbox permission changes. You can even schedule the report to be generated at designated intervals and have it emailed to you.

You can even create your own audit profile to monitor shared mailboxes alone or even single selective mailboxes. The audit reports can be exported to PDF, XLSX, CSV or HTML format.

Mailbox Permission Changes Audit Report

  • Go to Audit tab.
  • Select Exchange Online → Mailbox Permission in the left pane.
  • Select Mailbox Permission Changes. [Refer image]

Click here to read about M365 Manager Plus' audit feature.


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