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Manage Microsoft Teams with M365 Manager Plus

Just released earlier this year, Microsoft Teams a chat-based workspace in Microsoft 365 is the latest collaboration tool from Microsoft.

With Microsoft Teams, you can exchange messages and share files of any type. Though it may sound attractive, that file sharing feature turns ugly when highly confidential or malicious files are shared by accident or on purpose. In addition to Teams, third-party applications being integrated with Teams must also be monitored for obvious security reasons.Thankfully, we've got the perfect tool to assuage your woes.

We have spiced up the latest version of M365 Manager Plus with new auditing and alerting features for Microsoft Teams. Generate audit reports and create alerts for the following aspects of Microsoft Teams in the updated version of M365 Manager Plus:

  • Microsoft Teams Events: Keep track of new teams and channels added by users. Uncover details such as who added which team or channel and at what time, as well as who is using Teams, and when those users signed in.
  • Microsoft Teams Settings Changes: Audit changes to organizational settings, Teams settings, and channel settings.

To create an audit profile:

  • Go to Admin tab.
  • Select Audit Configuration --> Audit Profiles in the left pane.
  • Click Add profile.
  • In the profile configuration page,
    • Give a profile name and description of your choice.
    • Select Microsoft Teams in Microsoft 365 Service field and category from the drop-down lists.
    • Select the action that must be audited. Multiple actions can be selected.
    • Select Target Callers (one who performs the action). You can either select All or click Custom to select users of your choice.
    • Select the Target Objects (object on which the action must be performed). You can either select All or click Custom to select users of your choice.
      NOTE: Both Target Callers and Target Objects can either be users, groups or both.
    • When you select custom users/groups for both Target Callers and Target Objects, you can select the desired Target Criteria, which is explained below.
    • Click Add.

Now you will be taken to the Configure Profile page, where you can see the profile you created listed in the table along with other profiles. Click View Report in the Reports column to view the consolidated report.

To read more about how to create your own profile, click here. Read more about M365 Manager Plus, here.


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