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Manage Microsoft 365


Manage mailboxes, users, groups, contacts, public folders, shared mailboxes, M365 licenses and other objects in bulk.

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  • Bulk mailbox management
  • Bulk user provisioning
  • Microsoft 365 license management
  • Microsoft 365 group management
  • Mobile device and contact management

Bulk mailbox management

  • Create mailboxes in bulk by uploading a CSV file filled with each user’s User Principal Name.
  • Add or remove mailboxes’ Send As, Send on Behalf, and Full Access permissions in bulk.
  • Convert regular mailboxes into room, equipment, or shared mailboxes—or vice versa—in bulk.
  • Enable and disable mailbox auditing, set storage limits, configure a retention policy, and more.
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Bulk user provisioning

  • Create user accounts and assign licenses to them in one go by uploading a CSV with the required attributes.
  • Configure multi-factor authentication for all Microsoft 365 user accounts in one go.
  • Reset passwords for user accounts, block and unblock users, and perform other security-related operations on user accounts in bulk.
  • Configure templates to pre-define attributes needed for user account creation.
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Microsoft 365 license provisioning

  • Add new licenses for all the user accounts in your Microsoft 365 setup in one go using a CSV file.
  • Remove inactive users’ licenses and reassign them to other users.
  • Filter users based on their group membership, and then add or remove their licenses.
  • Export the reports provided by M365 Manager Plus, and import them back into the product as the source for management operations. For example, you can remove all licenses assigned to the users listed on the Inactive Users report.
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Microsoft 365 group management

  • Create distribution groups, mail-enabled security groups, and dynamic distribution groups in bulk.
  • Add members to distribution groups, mail-enabled security groups, and dynamic distribution groups in bulk.
  • Add or remove groups’ Send As and Send on Behalf permissions in bulk.
  • Add or remove group owners in bulk, and modify the SMTP address of groups as required.
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Mobile device and contact management

  • Clear Microsoft 365 mailbox data from associated mobile devices remotely in a single click.
  • Remove the mobile devices associated with mailboxes in bulk using a CSV file.
  • Create and delete contacts by uploading a CSV file with the contact’s first name, last name, external email address, and other required attributes.
  • Hide or unhide contacts, and modify contact attributes such as phone number, postal code, and display name.
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Manage Microsoft 365 mailboxes, users, and licenses from a single window.

M365 Manager Plus' user-friendly UI allows admins to manage all Microsoft 365 objects in a jiffy,
without having to navigate from one window to another.

  • Remove licenses from inactive
    user accounts
    Remove licenses from inactive user accounts.
  • Create users in bulkCreate users in bulk.
  • Create shared mailboxes in bulkCreate shared mailboxes in bulk
  • Add users to groups in bulkAdd users to groups in bulk.
  • Manage mailbox permissionsManage mailbox permissions

Select users manually or upload a CSV file in accordance with the sample CSV.

Remove licenses from inactive user accounts.

Create user accounts and assign licenses to them in one go.


Upload the list of users using CSV file without any fuss.

Create users in bulk.

Create multiple shared mailboxes at a time using CSV.


Download the sample CSV to know about the details to be provided for shared mailbox creation.

Create shared mailboxes in bulk

Add or remove multiple members from groups at the same time.


Choose the members to be added or removed manually, or upload a CSV file with their email addresses.

Add users to groups in bulk.

Add or remove the permissions of multiple users at the same time.


Choose the mailboxes manually or upload a CSV file with their User Principal Names.

Manage mailbox permissions

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