Android device management  

With ManageEngine MDM MSP providing a whole suite of options for Android device management, there are high chances you might not know what is the most ideal option for enrolling Android devices. Here, we'll see what are the various options for Android device management available in MDM MSP.

The most common parameters used for selecting the optimal enrollment method are:

  • Device Type
  • Device OS
The two major Android device types are:

Samsung devices

It is recommended to enroll Samsung devices using Knox mobile enrollment for Samsung devices. Knox mobile enrollment is a method provided by Samsung, for Android device management and eases the process of enrollment with MDM MSP.

Advantages of Knox
  • Simplified Setup
  • Mandatory management with MDM MSP
  • Out of the box enrollment
  • Restrict MDM removal
You can choose to enroll Samsung devices using Knox mobile enrollment, irrespective of the OS version if they are Knox-capable. You can view the list of Knox-capable devices in these links(Link #1Link #2 and Link #3). Additionally, you can also choose to enroll Samsung devices using QR code and NFC for bulk enrollment and in case of user-based enrollment, you can prefer Enrollment by invite.

Non-Samsung devices

In case of Non-Samsung devices, you can enroll devices based on the type of management you want. You can choose between Container Management and  Complete Device Management 

Container Management

Ideal for personal devices, whereby a logical container is created for demarcating the corporate and the personal data. The container gets automatically created when the device is provisioned as Profile Owner, when enrolled via Enrollment via invite.

Advantages of Container Management

    • Isolate personal and corporate work space
    • Prevent unauthorized data access
    • Restrict corporate data sharing 

Complete Device Management

Ideal for corporate devices, with the organizations getting to exercise full control over the device in addition to all the aforementioned benefits of containerization. This done when the device is enrolled as Device Owner.

Advantages of Complete Device Management

To enroll a device for provisioning Complete Device Management,

  • If the device is running 6.0 or later versions, you can go for QR code enrollment
  • If the device is running 5.0 or above versions, you can go for NFC enrollment
  • In case you have devices running 5.0 or above versions without NFC, you can contact MDM MSP support( for complete device management. 

Comparison between policies supported by devices




Complete Device Management(Device Owner) Container Management(Profile Owner)
Passcode  Supported Supported   Supported only within the container
 Restrictions  Supported  Supported  Supported only within the container
Wi-Fi  Supported Supported   Supported only within the container 
E-mail  Supported Not Supported  Not Supported  
Exchange ActiveSync(EAS)  Supported Supported. Learn how to setup EAS for Non-Samsung devices  Supported only within the container. Learn how to setup EAS for Non-Samsung devices
Kiosk/App Lock  Supported Supported Not Supported
Wallpaper  Supported  Supported   Not Supported
Global HTTP Proxy(GHP)  Supported  Supported Not Supported
Certificate  Supported  Supported Supported only within the container
Web Shortcuts  Supported  Supported Supported only within the container
Web Content Filter  Supported  Supported Supported only within the container
Access Point Name(APN)  Supported  Not Supported Not Supported