Support for Apple iOS 10.3

Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP is fully compatible with Apple iOS 10.3, delivering a better experience for IT administrators and device users. All of Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP's existing features are supported, as well as the new features in Apple iOS 10.3. Here's how the optimization of Mobile Device Manager Plus with Apple iOS 10.3 works to deliver better performance in enterprise mobility management.

Stronger security enhancements to prevent device data leakage

Through iOS 10.3's new restriction policies, IT admins can completely supervise and secure their organization's devices and data resources.

  • With the new iOS 10.3 update, admins can now fortify their enterprise's security with Wi-Fi network whitelisting. This iOS version allows administrators to prevent devices from connecting to unauthorized wireless networks and force them to only join wireless networks that have been approved by Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP.
  • The dictation feature in iOS is undoubtedly convenient, but at the expense of privacy and data consumption. By default, voice dictation stores verbal commands and the user's messages and contacts on its servers. It also requires internet connection. With iOS 10.3, administrators can restrict dictation controls to prevent sensitive information from being stored and reduce data usage.

More detailed control of an organization's fleet of devices

  • Administrators can now remotely shut down and restart devices. If a device is stolen or lost, administrators can also trigger a remote alarm through Mobile Device Manager Plus to help locate it.
  • Administrators can now use Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP to restrict Bluetooth usage as well as access to Apple's music and radio services. They can also prevent users from submitting diagnostic reports to Apple.
  • Enterprises that enroll devices through Apple's Device Enrollment Program (DEP) can choose which setup screens their employees should complete. Admins can choose to skip any of the following setup screens: Passcode, Registration, App Store login, Diagnostics, TouchID, Restore device, Zoom, Location Services, Terms and Conditions, Siri, and Payment. With the iOS 10.3 update, admins can also skip the Home button sensitivity setup screen.