How to seamlessly upgrade Kiosk-provisioned devices without affecting productivity?


Having intially configured a policy or set of policies and associated it to devices in production environment, there are certain scenarios where you might need to update the policy or the entities such as apps, URLs, security protocols etc, associated with the policy. Consider this scenario where we've deployed an enterprise app under Kiosk and distributed it to thousands of devices which are in the production environment and now the enterprise app needs to be updated. You can now see how to seamless update this without affecting productivity as explained below: 


  • Do not modify the Kiosk policy distributed to the devices.
  • Do not modify any other policies present in the same profile as the Kiosk policy.


  • On the MDM MSP server, click on Device Mgmt from the top menu and select Groups and Devices from the left pane.
  • Click on Create Group as explained here and add a minimal number of devices to the group. This group will act as the test bed for this enterprise app update. It is recommended to have a few devices enrolled with MDM not being used in production environment, to act as test devices in case of subsequent policy and/or app updates in the future.
  • Once the group is created, click on App Repository from the left pane. Click on the ellipsis icon present below Action against the enterprise app which needs to be updated. Click on Modify App from the dropdown.
  • Now, update the enterprise app as explained here(iOS, Android and Windows). Once the app is saved, it gets added to the App Repository and is ready for distribution. Distribute the updated enterprise app to the newly created group as explained here.
  • After distribution, the app needs to be installed on the device. MDM lets you install apps silently on Android and iOS devices.
  • Once the apps have been installed, you can have the enterprise app tested on these devices.
  • The next step is to test the profile. Replicate the Kiosk profile distributed to the devices in production environment and distribute it to the same testbed group.
  • Now, the test devices are provisioned under Kiosk with the updated enterprise app, which can now be tested.
  • Once tested satisfactorily, you can distribute the updated Kiosk policy incrementally to groups, one after one or if you have only one group, select smaller subset of devices in the group and then distribute the profile.
  • Thus, distribute the updated Kiosk profile to all the devices in production environment incrementally.