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Create Groups

Create Device Groups

A group is a logical grouping of managed devices to which configurations can be applied. A device can belong to multiple groups. Groups facilitate applying configuration profiles and distribute apps to multiple devices. To create a group,

  1. On the MDM server, navigate to Groups and Devices
  2. Under Groups Click Create Group
  3. Specify a name for the Group
  4. From the list of available devices, select the devices you wish to add them to the group and move them to the Added Devices.
  5. Click Create Group

A new group will be created. A device can be a member of more than one group.

Reassign Device Groups

MDM lets you reassign device from one group to another. When the devices is moved from one group to another, then the profiles and apps(associated with the existing group) previously distributed to the device are automatically removed. The devices on being moved from the old group to the new group, are automatically distributed the profiles and apps(which are associated with the new group). Follow the steps below to move the device from one group to another:

  • On the MDM Server, click on Device Mgmt tab. Select Groups & Devices present under Manage.
  • Click on the Groups tab and select the group, from which the devices is to be moved to the new group.
  • Select the devices whose group is to be modified. Click on Move to Group to move the device from the existing group to the new group.

Modify Device Groups

To modify the group, to add or remove the managed devices, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. On the MDM server, navigate to Groups and Devices
  2. Select the Groups tab. This will list the pre-defined groups as well as the groups created already by the Administrator(s).
  3. Select the specific Group which is to be modified.
  4. Click on the Devices tab. To delete any device, select the devices which are to be removed and click on Remove Device.
  5. To add any device, click on Add Device, which lists all the enrolled devices. Select the devices which are to be added.
  6. Click on Select to add the devices to the group.

When a device is removed from the Group, the profiles and/or apps associated to the devices are removed automatically from the device. When a device is added to an existing group, the new device receives the existing profiles automatically.

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