Dynamic mobile application management. 

With the use of mobile applications becoming a common place for the industry, managing the security of your data has never been more important. Effectively streamline this process with simple and practical MAM software. Track the entire life cycle of apps, from purchase to retirement.

Regulated app deployment.

With MAM software, your IT admins can systematically distribute apps to iOS, Android, and Windows devices by:

  • Providing in-house and external apps to devices during and after enrollment.
  • Installing purchased and public apps, without user intervention.
  • Revoking app licenses when users don't need them and reissuing them to new users.
  • Checking the status of the deployed apps regularly.

Manage apps, the smart way.

With MAM software, your IT admins can customize profiles and policies to manage commercial and enterprise apps intuitively. Key app management features include:

  • Over-the-air app management for groups and devices.
  • Integration of the Volume Purchase Program (VPP) in iOS and for Android SAFE devices.
  • Purchase and distribution of apps through the VPP program.
  • Lock your device to a single or a specific set of apps with Single App Lock / Kiosk mode. 
  • Apply mobile app configurations to devices upon distribution using Managed App Configurations.

Secure data access for your mobile apps.

Your IT admins can configure and enforce app compliance to allow only approved apps to access corporate data. The key app security features include:

  • Advice on blacklisting or whitelisting apps.
  • Containerization for BYOD apps to avoid mixing personal and enterprise app data.
  • Permission to install only whitelisted apps through VPP.
  • Identification of non-compliant devices (devices using blacklisted apps).
  • Restriction of app data backup.

Audit app inventory and generate reports.

This MAM software has a smart auditing system that will keep tabs on the app download and usage information. Your IT admin can obtain granular details on the kind of apps users access and take decisive action. MAM software will provide your team with:

  • A list view of apps and their installation count on mobile devices.
  • App usage status.
  • Reports based on apps available in the devices.
  • Reports based on specific apps used by employees.