User management with OpManager MSP

Managed service providers(MSPs) operating in the network management space, catering to multiple clients across manifold remote sites, possess a vast and diverse workforce. With the presence of such a workforce, user management and authentication becomes all the more necessary as mismanagement could impact the MSP and its clients on multiple levels. Poor user management could adversely impact productivity, hinder tracking accountability of users and expose client networks to security vulnerabilities.

Being a MSP offering network monitoring services, it is imperative that you have a robust network monitoring tool with comprehensive user management and authentication capabilities. Such a tool could help you segment your workforce based on users, offer role based access control and provide multiple and multi-level authentication methods to help effectively manage your clients while maintaining security.

Benefits of having a sturdy user management and authentication framework

Following are some of the advantages of having built-in user management capabilities in your network monitoring tool:

  • Eliminates the need for third party identity and access management tools.
  • Restricts access to users based on roles/designations.
  • Bolsters security with multiple and multi-level authentication methods.
  • Simplifies provisioning, auditing and reporting.

OpManager MSP: Simplified user and network management for MSPs

OpManager MSP is a comprehensive network monitoring tool designed for Managed service providers. With OpManager MSP, you can monitor multiple client networks for performance, health and availability. With its multi-tenant software architecture, OpManager MSP enables you to concurrently monitor multiple clients across geographies by deploying remote probes at client sites.

OpManager MSP's user management capabilities help you efficiently manage your workforce. With its wide array of functionalities, get maximum transparency and visibility into user activity. Also, OpManager MSP lets you secure your client's data with foolproof authentication mechanisms such as local, AD and RADIUS authentication.

OpManager MSP's user management and authentication capabilities encompass:

  • User details and scope configuration
  • Radius authentication
  • AD authentication
  • Password policy

Configure user details and define operational scope

OpManager MSP helps you create and store user profiles. Post creation of user profiles, OpManager MSP enables you to define their operational scope. This includes granting users access to specific/all client networks based on their configured roles.

The following are the classifications of user profiles with their permissible scopes:

  • MSP administrator: Granted read/write access; can handle all clients
  • MSP operator: Granted read access; can handle all clients
  • Customer administrator: Granted read/write access; can handle a subset of clients
  • Customer operator: Granted read access; can handle a subset of clients

Also, OpManager MSP lets you grant read-only access to customers if they so desire.


RADIUS authentication

OpManager MSP helps you authenticate users on multiple fronts. One such mechanism employed involves utilizing the RADIUS protocol. Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS) is a client/server protocol. RADIUS is used to facilitate communication between a remote access server and a central server to authenticate and authorize dial-in users and grant them access to the required system or service. All you have to do is to configure the radius server settings in OpManager MSP and you are good to go.

AD authentication

OpManager MSP supports Active Directory(AD) authentication. This lets you create AD groups post configuring domain and domain controller settings in the web client. User profiles can then be aggregated into AD groups. These groups can be granted auto-login permission along with role based access control. OpManager MSP lets you create multiple AD groups under a domain for better management of users.

Password policy

OpManager MSP's password policy helps you configure robust passwords for users. It's a set of rules designed to improve password security. It factors in password length, password history, password complexity, lockout period and maximum invalid login attempts during password configuration. This helps add multiple layers of security during authentication.

To learn more on how OpManager MSP can help monitor your client's networks, download a 30-day free trial or register for a demo.


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