Configuring Test Parameters and Threshold Template for WAN Monitor

Define a template with the required WAN monitoring settings to be used for monitoring performance. The RTT template comes with pre-populated default values. OpManager uses the configured values to simulate traffic. Incase you would like to effect some changes to the values before initiating monitoring, make the changes as follows

Configuring Test Parameters

 OpManager uses the default settings specified here, 

Defining Threshold for Round Trip Time

You can define a threshold template so that you are alerted with the WAN monitor violates a specified value. Here are the steps to define a threshold template:
  1. Go to WAN Monitors > Settings page> Threshold Template.
  2. Configure the upper and lower threshold limits for Round Trip time  in msecs, the range being 0 to 60000 msecs. You can also choose various notification profiles configured in OpManager to alert you.
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