Device Snapshot

OpManager's Device Snapshot shows the device health and that of its resources at a glance.

To view the snapshot page of the device, click the device name link in the map, or type the name of the device in the Device Search box and hit Go. If there are many devices satisfying the specified criteria, a list of devices are displayed with their IP Address and category. Click the device whose snapshot you want to view.

The descriptions for various sections of Device Snapshot are as follows:

Device Details: Displays the system's details such as the IP address, operating system, time stamp of previous and next polls and a description on the system hardware details. System description is seen on the SNMP-enabled devices.

Device Notes: This tab shows additional device details. You can add additional fields to denote the device details. Click the Edit. The added fields are displayed in the snapshot page.

Tools: The following actions can be done by clicking the respective icon:

Today's Availability: Displays the device availability of the current day in the form of a pie graph. Click 7 Days graph or 30 Days graph to view the availability report for the past 7 days or 30 days respectively.

Response Time: Shows the current response time of the device. Click 7 Days graph or 30 Days graph to view the response time details for the past 7 days or 30 days respectively. Click Edit to configure response-time based threshold.

Packet Loss: Shows the packet loss percentage for the device on that day. By default, OpManager sends 1 ping packet during a poll. The ping counts, retries, timeout etc are configurable in the file /conf/

CPU Utilization: Shows the current CPU load of the device. Clicking the graph shows the trend chart of CPU utilization

Memory Utilization: Displays the current memory utilization of the device.


Disk Utilization: Displays the current disk usage of the device in case of servers.


Monitors: This tab lists different monitors for the device. Select each monitor section to view the monitors. You can add more monitors from the available template, or even remove the unwanted monitors from the device.


Notification Profiles: This tab lists the notification profiles associated to the device. You can add more profiles from here.


Interfaces: Displays the list of interfaces in the selected device with their status and other details. Click the interface name link to view its availability and graphs on traffic and bandwidth utilization.

Custom Links: You can links to other applications, websites or other pages of OpManager and access them from the snapshot page. Click on the Add link to add a custom link.


Actions Menu: List of actions that can be performed on the device include:

Device Info Menu: The device information that can viewed from this menu include:

Reports: Provides the report of the following

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