Integrating with ServiceDesk Plus


If you have ServiceDesk Plus installed in your network, you can automatically log trouble tickets from OpManager for specific network faults. So, besides the provision to email, sms, or notify fault in other forms, you can also track the faults by logging trouble tickets to ServiceDesk Plus. This helps in issue tracking.


For logging the trouble ticket to ServiceDesk Plus correctly, you need to ensure the following:


  1. Incoming Mail Settings must be configured properly in ServiceDesk Plus

  2. ServiceDesk Plus Settings must be configured in OpManager

  3. A notification profile to log a trouble ticket to ServiceDesk Plus must be configured and associated.


Configure Servers Settings


Following are the steps to configure the ServiceDesk Plus and OpManager Server settings:


  1. Configure Incoming Mail Settings in ServiceDesk Plus

  2. Configure Mail Server Settings in OpManager

  3. OpManager must 'know' where ServiceDesk Plus resides to log the ticket.  To configure the ServiceDesk Plus settings details, follow the steps given below

  4. Click Admin tab, and select Add-On/Products Settings and configure the following values:

    Server where ServiceDesk Plus is running
    : Name or the IP address of the machine where ServiceDesk Plus is installed and running.

    ServiceDesk Plus server port number
    : The port number in which the ServiceDesk Plus application is running. Default port is 8080.

    ServiceDesk Plus login
    :  The user name with which you will log in into ServiceDesk Plus. Default is admin

    ServiceDesk Plus password
    : The password to log in into ServiceDesk Plus. Default password for admin user is admin

    HelpDesk Email Address
    :  The email address in the mail server to which the email must be sent. This should be the same as configured in the mail-server settings in ServiceDesk Plus. Example:

    From Email Address
    : The initiator's email address. Example:

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