Migrating Database


OpManager supports MySQL and MSSQL as the backend database. At a later time, you can choose to migrate from one database to another. Here are the steps:


Migrating from MySQL to MSSQL



Steps to migrate are,

  1. Stop OpManager again and take a backup of the data using BackupDB.bat
    present under /bin/backup directory .

  2. Select Start --> Programs --> ManageEngine OpManager --> DB Manager --> DB Configuration.

  3. A DB Configuration window pops up. Select MSSQL option.

  4. Configure the following information:

    1. DB Host : The name or the IP address of the machine where MSSQL is installed.
    2. Port: The port number in which OpManager must connect with the database. Default is 1433.
    3. User Name and Password: The user name and password with which OpManager needs to connect to the database.
    4. Driver Jars: Specify the path of the Database driver
    5. Click OK.
  5. Restore the data using RestoreDB.bat present in /bin/backup directory
    and restart OpManager.

Refer to our online knowledgebase article to configure Microsoft MSSQL JDBC driver.

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