Configuring Twitter Alerts


Configure OpManager to notify alerts to technicians over Twitter. Make sure you have specified the Twitter IDs of the users added in OpManager. You can create separate profiles for each administrator and assign them to devices so that whenever the device has a fault, the alerts are tweeted to the technician concerned.


To create a twitter alert profile, follow the steps given below:

  1. Make sure you have configured the twitter account settings and proxy server settings.
  2. Select Admin --> Notification Profiles
  3. Click Add New option against Twitter Profiles.
  4. Type the profile name.
  5. Select the user from whose twitter ID the direct messages are to be sent.
  6. Select the twitter user id to which a Direct Message notification has to be sent. Make sure you have configured the twitter ID for the users.
  7. Select the required alarm variables that you would like to see in the twitter alert.
  8. Click Save to create the profile.
  9. Click Associate link on the right to associate the profile to devices.
  10. Select the Profile and click Next.
  11. Select the fault criteria for which you need to be tweeted. For instance, if you want to be notified of threshold violation, select 'Threshold rule is violated'. Click Next.
  12. Select the appropriate radio-button to enable notification anytime the fault occurs, or in a specified time-window. Click Next.
  13. Select the devices or the category of devices for which you want to be notified. For instance, if you want to be notified of threshold violation for all Servers, select Server category from the combo-box. Click Next.

The profile is associated to all the servers. The alert is tweeted every time (or within the time specified) a threshold is violated for a server.


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