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Monitor groups, channels and meetings on MS Teams

Microsoft Teams is a collaborative communication infrastructure that organizes a team's chats, video calls, voice calls, documents, and files. Through Teams, users can connect with each other, and hold meetings. Teams can also be used to modify and maintain Office 365 Groups if desired. The two important components of MS Teams are teams and channels.

What are teams

Teams are a collection of people, content, and tools surrounding different projects and outcomes within an organization.

    • Teams can be created to be private to only invited users.
    • Teams can also be created to be public and open and anyone within the organization can join (up to 5000 members).

A team is designed to bring together a group of people who work closely to get things done. Teams can be dynamic for project-based work (for example, launching a product, creating a digital war room), as well as ongoing, to reflect the internal structure of your organization (for example, departments and office locations). Conversations, files and notes across team channels are only visible to members of the team.

What are channels

Channels are dedicated sections within a team to keep conversations organized by specific topics, projects, disciplines or whatever works for your team!

Channels are places where conversations happen and where the work actually gets done. Channels can be open to all team members or, if you need a more select audience, they can be private. Standard channels are for conversations that everyone in a team can participate in and private channels limit communication to a subset of people in a team.

What are groups

An Office 365 Group let users connect with each other through OneNote and SharePoint, but it will not offer the communication features and calling features of Microsoft Teams. Instead, users would hold meetings in Teams about documents they had uploaded to their Office 365 Group.

How to monitor teams and channels

With O365 Manager Plus, ManageEngine's Office 365 administration tool, view all the reports you need to keep an eye on MS Teams in a single click. Need to create a team, group or channel? Need not juggle through multiple windows. You can create, modify and delete MS Teams channels, teams and groups in a jiffy with this tool.

What does O365 Manager Plus provide

With O365 Manager Plus you can report on, audit and manage MS Teams under a single roof.

MS Teams reporting:

  • Daily Teams User Count by Device Usage
  • Daily Teams Activities Count by Type
  • Daily Teams User Count by Activity
  • Teams User Daily Activity
  • Teams User Device Usage
  • Teams User Count by Device Type

MS Teams management:

  • Create Team
  • Update team
  • Create Team from Group
  • Create Channel
  • Delete Channel
  • Update Channel
  • Create Group
  • Modify Group
  • Delete Group

MS Teams auditing

Try our free online demo to view the exhaustive list of built-in audit reports. With O365 Manager Plus you can,

  1. Create your own audit profiles.
  2. Create your own audit report views.
  3. Audit user activities based on business hours.

You can download the 30-day free trial of O365 Manager Plus to try your hands on all the advanced features.


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