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Compliance Management Made Easy

Organizations have to abide by respective industrial mandates as required by the government. It is necessary that certain information are constantly tracked to ensure compliance with industrial requirements. Both native Office 365 and Office 365 Manager Plus, provide you reports that help to ensure that compliance requirements are met with.

But O365 Manager Plus reporting feature proves itself better than Office 365 by providing the following special features:

Dedicated segment for compliance management

The compliance management segment lists the industrial mandates and the respective reports required to meet them. The industrial mandates covered by O365 Manager Plus include, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, SOX, GLBA, and FISMA. [Learn more]

User need not be a global admin

In native Office 365, the global admin has to generate the required data and collaborate the details manually. But Office 365 Manager Plus, lets the authorized users to generate reports, which reduces the time consumed. And the details need not be collaborated manually, as it shows you all the required reports, i.e the data required to comply by a particular mandate clearly under respective compliance mandates.

Automated reports

In addition to the above, O365 Manager Plus, lets you to schedule the required reports and have them emailed to the administrators. You can export the reports in PDF, CSV, XLS or HTML format.


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