Adding Users

Users can be added to Access Manager Plus using several methods. These users can be assigned with different roles with different sets of permissions. Users can be added individually and in bulk and these users added can be customized based on preference. Only administrators and users with administrator privilege roles will be able to add users in Access Manager Plus. This document walks you through the ways in which a users can be added into Access Manager Plus.

Summary of Steps

  1. Adding Users
  2. Assigning User Roles
  3. Note: Only the users with administrator privileges will be able to add users to Access Manager Plus.

Access Manager Plus allows you to add users in several ways. Click the respective links to know more and proceed to set up the required way to add users.

  1. Adding Users Manually
  2. Importing Users from File
  3. Importing Users from Active Directory
  4. Importing Users from Azure AD
  5. Importing Users from LDAP