Solution Brief -
Custom Reports

Solution Brief Custom Reports


Most reporting tools provide  prebuilt reports that cater to  some of  an organization's reporting requirements, but not all. When admins are unable to fetch information using default reports, they are forced to use spreadsheets to stitch together data from multiple reports. It becomes especially difficult when admins have to generate reports based on custom attributes created specifically for their organization or LDAP queries that they've written to fetch particular data, or use the same report to fetch data from multiple domains.


ADManager Plus offers Custom Reports that help admins meet their unique Active Directory (AD) reporting requirements, letting them create reports based on various user, group, computer, contact, or custom attributes. With ADManager Plus, admins can:

  • Define their own AD reports.
  • Filter data to narrow results to their exact requirement.
  • Create reports that include custom attributes in their AD.
  • Create LDAP query-based reports.
  • Narrow down their search to create OU-specific reports.
  • Categorize, save, and re-use custom reports.
  • Report across multiple domains

How ADManager Plus' Custom Reports work

ADManager Plus' Custom Reports provide comprehensive customization capabilities that help admins overcome the constraints of prebuilt reports.

The Add report to option helps categorize reports based on OU, department, and so on, for effective and convenient report management.

The Select domains option helps organizations using multiple domains select all or some of their domains for reporting. The Selected OUs option helps restrict the scope of the search to select OUs.

With the Conditions option, admins can either set Filters or use LDAP queries to create their reports. Here, admins can use user, group, computer, contact, or custom attributes as filters. ADManager Plus also provides the option to use a combination of many filters using AND/OR operators

There is also an option to select attributes to be displayed in the final report, thus helping admins trim down reports to suit their exact requirements. 


ADManager Plus' Custom Reports feature is a compelling solution for administrators that need to generate precise reports for users, groups, computers, contacts, and custom attributes.  Custom reports help admins save precious time and effort by giving them a way to set attribute filters and narrow  their  results to their exact requirements. Admins can also use LDAP queries instead of attribute filters to generate reports. ADManager Plus also offers admins the option to narrow their search down to the OU level and generate OU-specific reports. Once admins have created a report,  ADManager Plus also helps them categorize, save, and re-use their custom reports. For organizations that use multiple domains, admins can use the same report across all  domains, making reporting convenient.

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