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PowerShell as an AD management tool

Managing Active Directory is one of the most critical tasks in any Windows network; unfortunately, it doesn't take long before the number of computers, users, and groups in Active Directory becomes difficult to manage. PowerShell provides commands to help you control Active Directory, but you need to understand that PowerShell scripting isn't a cake walk and requires considerable time to solve more than the most basic needs. Active Directory and PowerShell together offer a powerful set of cmdlets to manage standard domain-related tasks.

Below are some key AD management actions and links that lead you to basic PowerShell scripts that you can use to manage AD users and groups. Further below, you'll find a tool that makes AD user and group management even easier by helping you carryout those AD tasks in a cinch with an intuitive, unified web-console.

ADManager Plus is a simple, hassle-free web-based solution for all your Active Directory management needs. ADManager Plus provides a secure environment where you can perform all actions with just a few clicks. This Active Directory management tool allows administrators to utilize templates to manage all Active Directory account creation and modification processes. It doesn't stop there. With a clear web interface, ADManager Plus offers administrators absolute control over their Active Directory environment, without having to write a single line of script.

Manage users in bulk without complex PowerShell scripts.

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