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PowerShell as an AD user management tool

User management can be quite a challenge for Active Directory (AD) administrators day in and day out. Many administrators use Microsoft's PowerShell technology to perform basic AD user management tasks. Below are some key PowerShell scripts and commands for working with AD users. Further below, you'll find a tool that makes AD user management even easier by helping you carryout those AD tasks in a cinch with an intuitive, unified web-console.

Creating AD user

Import-CSV test.csv | foreach {New-ADUser -SamAccountName $_.SamAccountName -Name $_.Name -Surname $_.Surname -GivenName $_.GivenName -Path "OU=Finance,OU=UserAccounts,DC=FABRIKAM,DC=COM" -AccountPassword (ConvertTo-SecureString -AsPlainText $_.password -Force) -Enabled $true}

Modifying an AD user

Import-CSV test.csv | foreach {Set-ADUser -Identity $_.sAMAccountName -Description "testing description"}

Adding Group Membership (Adding user to a group)

Import-CSV test.csv | foreach {Add-ADGroupMember -Identity "Domain guests" -Members $_.sAMAccountName}

Enable/disable AD user

Enable-ADAccount -identity testUser
Disable-ADAccount -identity testUser

Moving an AD user

Move-ADObject -Identity "CN=testuser1,DC=Domain,DC=com" -TargetPath "OU=testOU,DC=Domain,DC=Com"

Changing password

Set-ADAccountPassword -Identity testuser -NewPassword new123 -OldPassword old123

Unlocking AD account

Unlock-ADAccount -Identity testuser

Removing an AD user

Remove-ADUser -Identity testuser

Creating an Office 365 user

New-Msoluser -DisplayName testuser -userprincipalname -usagelocation US -licenseAssignment test:ENTERPRISEPACK

The ADManager Plus way

In organizations, it's a rarity that we come across such simple straightforward scenarios like the ones listed above. Real-life use cases involve a multitude of things. Often, administrators need to program extensively in PowerShell, research syntax, and iterate multiple times for correctness; all these tasks can turn into a nightmare for administrators. PowerShell sure is empowering, but at what cost? Often the cost of extensive scripting is prolonged work hours.

Here's how you can save yourself from the burden and monotony of creating, testing, and executing unending lines of PowerShell scripts for provisioning AD user accounts.

With ADManager Plus, provisioning a new user account in Active Directory—and Office 365, Skype for Business, Exchange, and Google Workspace simultaneously—is a cinch.

The very idea of it gets you excited, doesn't it?

ADManager Plus has:

  • A 360 degree approach that doesn't require strenuous and redundant scripting.
  • A self-explanatory and straightforward user interface.
  • An unending list of user-centric features, including template-based user provisioning, secure AD delegation, and review based workflow management for AD routines, that make ADManager Plus the obvious choice.

Template-based user provisioning

One might need nothing further than smart user creation templates, preconfigured to set up things like group membership, email addresses, and account passwords right when you need them. Handling user attributes through one application is a huge bonus for administrators.

PowerShell often requires sophisticated programming to import data from a CSV. ADManager Plus gives the administrator a quick overview of the user accounts that will be created and their corresponding user attributes included in the CSV file. Simply import the CSV file into ADManager Plus, then review user attributes before the accounts are created. This ensures fewer errors and failures during the user creation process.


AD administrators can assign user creation templates to help desk technicians or even HR personnel to delegate the task of creating new user accounts.

Rule-based user provisioning

User creation templates also include 'user creation rules' which allow you to auto-populate the desired fields of the user accounts being created, conditionally or unconditionally, even before the user accounts are actually created in Active Directory.

Thus ADManager Plus rightly fills the void left behind by PowerShell.

There's more from ManageEngine that can help you carry out user management with ease. Our CSV generator tool helps you generate a CSV file that contains a customized array of user-specified attributes and the corresponding AD values, all ready for any AD user management task.

This free tool takes a simple CSV file with basic attributes like sAMAccountName, and generates a full-fledged CSV file containing a comprehensive attribute list. This saves admins and other staff associated with AD management considerable time and effort.

Manage users in bulk without complex PowerShell scripts.

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