Integration - BambooHR

    Integrating ADManager Plus with BambooHR allows you to do user management tasks such as creation, modification and deletion of users in Active Directory as and when they are added in the HRMS. ADManager Plus can be integrated with other HRMS applications including Workday, Zoho People and Ultipro as well.

    How to configure BambooHR settings in ADManager Plus:

    • Click on the Admin tab and select Integrations under System Settings.
    • Click BambooHR listed under the HRMS applications.
    • Enter the company subdomain name provided by BambooHR. For example, if the domain name is, you will need to enter sampledomain in the Company Subdomain field.
    • Enter the API Key provided by bambooHR in the respective field.
    • Click Test Connection and Save.
    • The Data Source - LDAP Attribute Mapping tab has settings that allow you to map the Active Directory LDAP attributes to the predefined Database Column name provided in the BambooHR database. For example, if you want to map the 'givenName' attribute in Active Directory to the 'First_Name' attribute in the BambooHR database, you can do so by selecting them under the respective drop down menu on either side of the '=' in the Attribute Mapping tab. Multiple attributes can be mapped similarly.
    • Click Add to save the settings.