Active Directory Reports

    ADManager Plus gives you an insight into the Active Directory by providing reports on various Active Directory components. The reports can be accessed by selecting the AD Reports tab from the client window. The following reports about the Active Directory are shown:

    More granular reports are provided for each of the above.

    All the reports can be exported to HTML, PDF. XLS, CSV and CSVDE formats.

    Report Features

    • Generates reports for multiple OUs (you also have an option to exclude the child OUs from the report, if you do not wish to view the objects/accounts located within them) and multiple domains.
    • Generates reports for custom inputs for granularity
    • Column customization: Ability to select the columns (fields) that you wish to view in the reports
    • Columnar sorting of reports
    • Ability to print the reports
    • Ability to export the reports in the desired format Excel, CSV, PDF, HTML and CSVDE
    • Report scheduler: to auto-generate the reports at the specified times and deliver the report to multiple users via email in the desired format; you can use the column customization option to specify the columns (fields) that you wish to view in the reports.

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