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Microsoft 365 account provisioning for Active Directory users

Creating Office 365 mailboxes for the existing Active Directory users is fairly routine, but a lengthy process. With ADManager Plus, you can individually or bulk provision Office 365 accounts for users already present in your Active Directory (AD), with purely GUI-based actions.

This flexible user provisioning allows you to:

  • Create Microsoft 365 accounts for existing AD users.
  • Create user accounts in AD, Microsoft 365, and more simultaneously. Learn more.

Provisioning multiple AD users in Office 365 is a breeze with ADManager Plus. Just import a CSV file to specify the AD users, and the tool sends those users' required attributes to Azure Active Directory-based Office 365 to create their Office 365 accounts. Download a 30-day free trial of the product to try out the features for yourself.

Assign licenses while creating users in Microsoft 365

ADManager Plus also lets you assign Office 365 licenses while you create user accounts in Office 365, as shown in Figure 1.

With ADManager Plus' Office 365 license management features, you can assign Office 365 licenses at a later date as well.

Add Microsoft 365 users to channels and teams and assign policies in Microsoft Teams during provisioning

In addition to multi-platform user provisioning, ADManager Plus also allows you to add Microsoft 365 users to various channels or teams, and link policy packages to them. You can create custom user provisioning templates for this, or add the users to Microsoft 365 teams and channels in bulk using the CSV import feature.

Multiple options to specify users easily

You can specify and select the user accounts that you wish to perform these actions on in two ways:

  • In the given list of all AD users, you can easily select the users for whom Office 365 accounts are to be created. You can quickly locate a user in the list by using the search option to enter their name or the name of their OU.
  • Alternatively, you can use the CSV import option to specify users via a CSV file containing the desired users's object IDs, user principal names, distinguished names, or SAM account names.

Besides Office 365, ADManager Plus offers management features for Active Directory, Exchange Server, Google Workspace, and Skype for Business (Lync). The features specific to Office 365 include bulk license management (assigning, replacing, or revoking licenses), predefined reports (inactive users, licensed users, security groups, etc.), and user provisioning. Download a free trial of ADManager Plus to try all of its features first hand.

Bulk create Office 365 accounts in a jiffy!

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Other features

  • Office 365 User Reports

    Generate detailed reports related to your Office 365 users with ADManager Plus' out-of-the-box Office 365 user reports. You can also schedule reports to run periodically.

  • Office 365 Management

    Manage your Office 365 users, licenses, contacts, groups, and a lot more with simple point-and-click mouse actions. Make your Office 365 management simple and effortless!

  • Office 365 Automation

    Choose from pre-built actions and automate the most common Office 365 operations, such as user provisioning, license management, photo management, and so on with ADManager Plus!

  • Office 365 License Management

    Instantly add, replace, and remove Office 365 licenses to ensure optimal license management across your organization with ADManager Plus' Office 365 License Management feature!

  • Office 365 Shared Mailbox Management

    Bulk create, modify, and delegate the management of Office 365 shared mailboxes without any PowerShell scripts. Managing your shared mailboxes has never been easier!

  • Office 365 Group Reports

    An extensive catalog consisting of every Office 365 group report that you are likely to ever need, bundled as a feature! You can also schedule reports to run periodically.

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