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Voyager Learning Slavek Jurkowski (Sr. Systems Engineer - Voyager Learning)

" We've been using Applications Manager to effectively monitor our business-critical applications and servers and the value we get is tremendous. We no longer have to wait for a call from our customers to alert us to a problem with our applications; Applications Manager consistently provides us early warnings of problems before they become severe enough to impact our customers. "

Hallmark Bill Bohlen ( Hallmark Channel )

" We use Applications Manager to monitor our Weblogic application servers, along with the SQL databases and operating systems they run on. We managed to save tens of thousands of dollars by switching from CA's Wily Introscope. Applications Manager can do everything Wily does, and all with no agents, and a browser-based UI. I set up the monitors I needed in less than a day. "

Pages Juanesl
Oliver Galliet ( Network Manager - Pages Juanesl )

" We are using Applications Manager to monitor all our applications on directory gateways. We are using monitoring of AIX and Linux servers. We are using a lot of scripts to know the statistics of our applications & we have real benefit to know the state of the application with the script. We can know if a new application is using a lot of CPU or if one of our systems is using too much memory. We can help our production team to manage all servers. "

Wyndham world Wide Robert Perez, Enterprise Security Administrator, Ventura Foods, LLC

"The value I get from using Applications Manager is tremendous. I'm very pleased with their product innovation and excellent support staff. With Applications Manager, I can monitor the performance and availability of our business-critical applications. Regardless of whether the applications are running in a physical environment, as part of a virtual environment, or even in the cloud, Applications Manager gives me insight and control through a single easy to use interface. I recommend it.

Hallmark Bill Bohlen, Hallmark Channel

"We use Applications Manager to monitor our Weblogic application servers, along with the SQL databases and operating systems they run on. We managed to save tens of thousands of dollars by switching from CA's Wily Introscope. Applications Manager can do everything Wily does, and all with no agents, and a browser-based UI. I set up the monitors I needed in less than a day."

Vodafone Crischa Driessen, Application Specialist Business Critical Services, Vodafone Netherlands

"Applications Manager makes it possible for us to effectively monitor all our business-critical applications and servers. I'm sure Applications Manager also helped to reduce the amount of incidents as well as shortening the solving time. The possibility to monitor logs and scripts via Applications Manager made it possible for us to create custom-monitors which we use to monitor key-elements at application-level in real-time. We are usually one step ahead before incidents are reported!"

BAT Kelvin Tong, British American Tobacco, France

"We find this product to be very useful and beneficial for us. Since we installed this product about 1 year ago, the proactivity to prevent issues have increased dramatically and we have had less issues with our business and marketing datawarehouses ever since. In fact, even the reactivity has increased, in terms of that AppManager allows us to react quickly, if, by example, we have an issue with a Siebel CRM component which is failing.

I also highly commend the fact that the support consultants are very reactive, professional and knowledgeable in their domain of expertise and with this, we are always able to keep our systems up and healthy. We use OpManager and ServicedeskPlus also and are looking forward to implement more products from ManageEngine."

aol Pierre Levesque, AOL France

"We first choose Applications Manager for it's unique capability to monitor WebLogic Server. We then found out it was so easy to use, and powerful, that we've migrated our monitoring from Nagios and SiteScope to Applications Manager."

3si2 Donald Addiss, President,Software Systems & Services International, Inc.

"As developers of business-critical applications, we know how important up-time is. By using your product to monitor our clients' applications, we are able to respond immediately to problems, often notifying our clients of resolved issues they were not even aware existed! How great is that?"

Cellnet Kevin Lane, Cellnet + Hunt -Process Support Engineer II

"Overall for the price, ManageEngine has met our needs and the flexibility. It has allowed us to implement a cost effective solution for our performance and system management needs. The overall interface is nicely presented and the wide monitor solutions are a plus. The version upgrades and feature enhancements are timely and appreciated. We continue to find ways to use it to monitor and track performance of our network."

DCENR John MacEnri, Technical Architect, Department of Communication, Energy and Natural Resources, Ireland

"We have found the URL sequences particularly useful as they handled the sequence of https login with redirects followed by replaying an entire use case of the web application and finally logout. It has been extremely well received within the department. Agentless application performance monitoring is another big factor that tilted our buy decision."

Salk Alexander Edelmann, Systems Engineer, Norbert Steiner, Department Manager. Salzburger Landeskliniken, Austria

"We have been using Applications Manager in our large environment for fault management and availability measurements. In addition, we appreciate the reporting functionalities that gave us trend analysis. We earlier used similar and also open source products but they could not keep up with Applications Manager.

Applications Manager is clear, simple, secure, mostly self-explanatory and gives you the most important information in time. Applications Manager does not need any installation on client site, is agentless, no software packages which bring problems like patches, different operating systems or different configuration profiles. Applications Manager really makes life easier for administrators. We don't know how we did it without Applications Manager before. We appreciate the continuous enhancements of Applications Manager and very much look forward to the German Version."

Hughes Anthony Myers, Senior Systems Analyst, Hughes Network Systems, LLC

"We, at Hughes Network Systems are very pleased with the AppManager product. We looked at a number of other Application Management products, and they were all very expensive. Your product, allowed us to manage our WebLogic layer of our PeopleSoft application, at a reasonable cost. Support has been very responsive, and you have added a number of features that we have requested (Polls to retry can be configured individually for any attribute of a Monitor and Multiple varbind support in alarm messages)"

District School Board of Niagara Max Turavani, District School Board of Niagara

"We needed a low cost, easy to use, accurate and reliable tool to monitor and alarm our mission-critical Apache / Tomcat servers. Applications Manager was the ONLY product that has all these features. Rock solid. Fantastic. Thanks !"

Macquarie Victor Chan, Macquarie

"We've been using this product since January of this year (2007) and the application so far has proven to be accurate and responsive in its monitoring capabilities - the statistics are very informative too. We currently use the monitoring for JBOSS, HTTP URL Sequences, disk space, CPU utilization and remote scripts."

MetLife Alex Leal Villagra, Network Administrator, MetLife Chile

"It was an easy decision to select Applications Manager, once we saw it monitoring our internal IT resources effectively. It helps us keep our applications up and running smoothly and quickly resolves IT glitches. It is a cost-effective, easy-to-use tool that performed superbly for us, and we are very happy with the results now!"

ISKI Volkan GZ?naydin, Systems Support Engineer (Group Director), ISKI, TZ?rkiye

"We used MOM 2000 and 2005 before ApplicationsManager. We were not satisfied with the reports that mom produces. AppManager gives really comprehensive reports about our systems. We have nearly 70 servers (Microsoft and Tru64 and HPUX, HP DL and HP Alpha servers) around including branch offices. We are using Oracle databases. AppManager's Oracle monitor pages are really good for our Oracle DBAs.

The most important property of AppManager is that there are no AGENTS anymore. The notifications section is also the important thing that we use mostly. Online Support was a great opportunity for us. Thanks for this real system monitoring tool."

U21Global Jordan Yap, Universitas 21 Global

"Applications Manager has been a tremendous tool to U21Global. This tool is easy to use, requires minimal training, and provides an excellent tracking mechanism. I was able to implement this package with no "official training". The system is intuitive and provides all the features required to run a Data Center.

The support I received from ManageEngine was excellent and I look forward to continuing this relationship as new versions of the software become available. Applications Manager just keeps getting more indispensable every day!"

CA.Gov Wayne Sheek , Sr. Infrastructure Architect, State of California, Dept. of Health Services

"ManageEngine is easy to use and delivers as promised. Great product for the price."

SpokesmanReview Anucha Wells , Spokesman Review, Cowles Company

"We're in our second year of using Application Manager (AM), very happy with it. Applications Manager monitors our Solaris, Linux, Windows servers and processes running on them. I really like it's capability of running scripts, reads and notify script result as configured."

Catalyst2 Paul Redpath, Catalyst2

"Applications manager has allowed us to monitor servers in more detail, helping provide quicker identification and resolution of issues as they occur. The support team have also been extremely helpful with any issues we have had."

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"Standout Tool With Extensive Monitoring Capabilities"

It allows us to track crucial metrics such as response times, resource utilization, error rates, and transaction performance. The real-time monitoring alerts promptly notify us of any issues or anomalies, enabling us to take immediate action.

Reviewer Role: Research and Development

"I like Applications Manager because it helps us to detect issues present in our servers and SQL databases."
Carlos Rivero

Tech Support Manager, Lexmark

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