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"Applications Manager is very easy to use. I highly recommend this product."

"Handling response time SLAs of our clients is easy with Applications Manager."

"ManageEngine enables us to monitor our IT environment and all the apps we use 24/7."

"ME understands the challenges of IT Depts. It's very valuable when you work with a small department."

"ME APM's scripts tell us status of our apps. We know immediately if a new app is using a lot of CPU."

"Applications Manager is very intuitive to use, and our external customers like it very much."

What people are saying about Applications Manager

  • We managed to save tens of thousands of dollars by switching from CA's Wily Introscope. I set up the monitors I needed in less than a day.

    Bill Bohlen,
    Hallmark Channel

  • Applications Manager makes my life so much easier. I cannot imagine my work without this tool!

    Marek Pawlowski,
    Software Engineer at Alcatel-Lucent

  • Applications Manager is the critical solution we trust for end-to-end monitoring of our global IT systems infrastructure

    Dave Blodgett,
    Wyndham Worldwide

  • Applications Manager saves our business money as we can employ fewer engineers to maintain 24/7 availability of our web apps.

    Slavek Jurkowski,
    Sr. Systems Engineer, Cambium Learning Group

  • Applications Manager beats all other monitoring solutions so far. I have become a champion of your product.

    Guido Thonissen,
    ICT Manager, Certis Europe

  • The overall ease of use, configuration and excellent customer support makes Applications Manager one of the best monitoring tools available.

    Om Singh,
    United Acceptance

  • Applications Manager enables us to act very quickly to fix performance problems and our end users don't even notice any changes

    Vadim Rapoport,
    Techi Comptg Advr, DBA Sempra Utilities

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