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Database performance monitoring

These are the questions asked during satabase performance monitoring training.


  • How can one view the wait type breakdown in Applications Manager? You can view the top waiting task under : SQL details page -> Performance Tab -> Top Waits by Waiting Tasks.
  • How do you configure email alerts for metrics like tablespace usage in Oracle? You can configure a threshold for marking the tablespace utilization or free space .Based on that, we can send a critical or warning Email alert. This can done for each tablespace.
  • Can you configure email alerts on a monitor group level? It is possible to configure thresholds at monitor group or monitor type (Oracle) level using the alarm template option in Applications Manager.
  • What is the difference between health and availability?Health represents the overall health of the database instance/application/system. Health will be critical, if the availability or any other critical attribute like disk size, buffer cache. etc is down.
    Availability tells you if a particular instance is up and running. It can be determined automatically as it has only 2 states : up or down.
  • How do you determine the status of the attribute? Attribute statuses can be determined automatically. For numeric attributes like CPU, buffer, cache, DB size, etc. the status will be determined based on the configured threshold. You can refer the following link for creating and associating a threshold to an attribute:

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