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End user experience monitoring webinar

These are the questions asked during end user experience monitoring webinar.


  • Can Applications Manager monitor help in monitoring video streaming? ManageEngine Applications Manager can only help you monitor the performance of website or sequences. It will not be able to monitor streaming videos. For more information about how Applications Manager can help in monitoring real user experience, refer here :
  • Can Applications Manager be used to monitor applications that use Thick client? If your applications are using a web client (Thin client), then you can use the real browser monitor/end user monitor. In case your applications are using Thick clients, then you can use a remote script monitor. For more details, refer:
  • How can we use URL monitoring/HTTP monitoring to identify slowness of systems caused by backend components? Yes, Applications Manager helps you identify the slowness of systems caused by backend components using its waterfall model approach. The waterfall model will help you get a clear picture of the status of various components of your webpage such as images, script files, style sheets, etc.
  • What is the difference between URL sequence and real browser monitor? HTTP URL sequence monitoring helps in tracking the availability and performance of websites to minimize downtime, optimize performance, and ensure smooth end user experience. Whereas, real browser monitor helps in monitoring the actual end user interaction and helps you ensure that your applications are running optimally from various geographical locations.
  • What are the other monitor types supported under EUM? Other than Real browser monitor, Applications Manager also supports DNS, LDAP, Ping and mail servers.
  • Can I record my sites hosted on SharePoint online using Real Browser Monitor? Yes, it is possible to record your sites hosted on SharePoint online using real browser monitor.

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