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About GACA

  • The General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA), headquartered in Riyadh, has been responsible for regulating air transportation services and implementing civil air safety regulations in Saudi Arabia since 1945.
  • GACA operates four international and 24 domestic airports within Saudi Arabia.
  • One of GACA's major projects includes Saudi Vision 2030, as a part of which the organization plans to reach 330 million passengers from more than 250 destinations worldwide and transport 4.5 million tons of goods.

Industry: Aviation and aerospace component manufacturing

Location: Saudi Arabia

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Application performance monitoring (APM Insight)

Extensive root cause analysis

AI-assisted smart alerts

Applications Manager Highlights


Provides deep observability and advanced AIOps capabilities


Resolves issues impacting users in real time


Helps organizations make real-time, data-driven decisions

Prioritizing application performance in a complex IT environment

Being on the path to fulfill Saudi Vision 2030, with a special focus on innovation and digitization, GACA understands the need to deliver flawless customer service anytime, anywhere. That means being able to resolve customer issues quickly, effectively, and in real time as well as gaining complete insight into how the customer experience and application performance influence each other.

Key to this is obtaining visibility into the performance of business applications that are critical to the functioning of civil aviation. Any failure in these applications can lead to delays, chaos, and direct negative impacts on customers.

Due to a security breach in one of the IT management products it was using, GACA started looking for an alternative to manage the performance of its applications. The IT team evaluated Micro Focus but still was unable to identify and eliminate performance bottlenecks before customers reported them.

"We were using SolarWinds before we switched to ManageEngine Applications Manager. We are happy to say that both security-wise and value-wise, it has been a great decision." 3…4Meshal Ahmed Alsaiari, IT operations specialist, GACA

Tackling the business challenges

"We needed an application monitoring solution that could provide end-to-end, real-time visibility across our applications and infrastructure. Apart from visibility, we wanted a solution that would provide timely alerts so as to help us resolve customer complaints without any delays," said Meshal Ahmed Alsaiari, IT operations specialist at GACA.

After coming across Applications Manager through our regional partner Alnafitha IT, the team evaluated the product on a proof-of-concept basis. Applications Manager was selected after the organization experienced powerful results during the evaluation period and saw our product as the best solution for its needs.

"With Applications Manager, we are able to gain visibility across our entire IT stack and pinpoint issues effectively. This has reduced the number of customer complaints we receive significantly." 3…4Meshal Ahmed Alsaiari, IT operations specialist, GACA

Unparalleled visibility and quicker innovation with ManageEngine Applications Manager

Chosen for its ability to provide deep application insights based on real-time data, Applications Manager has been helping GACA choose a proactive approach over a reactive one. The organization has seen particular benefits from the APM Insight feature that drills down to the code-level issues across GACA's Java, .NET, Node.js, Ruby, and PHP applications. With APM Insight, GACA is able to pinpoint individual transactions, identify slow performing queries, and cut the MTTR in half.

Alsaiari said, "Needless to say, we have a robust IT infrastructure that is armed with numerous databases, servers, VMs, web applications, and web servers and services. It was essential for our IT team to gain visibility into the user experience, identify the root cause of issues, and prioritize its efforts to resolve [the issues] with the most significant impact on its customers. The breadth of observability and AI-powered smart alerts help the team resolve issues before users are impacted. Applications Manager's ability to provide a unified console for our multi-vendor technology applications made our lives so much easier."

Key benefits

Provides deep observability and advanced AIOps capabilities: GACA now has a unified observability platform that can provide in-depth visibility; automatically and continuously discover its entire technology stack; and process the large number of dependencies across its environments, applications, and services in real time. This makes it easier to track the status of its complex environment while reducing manual effort across teams. With Applications Manager's AIOps functionalities, like adaptive thresholds, smart alerts, and forecast reports, GACA is able to proactively detect anomalies with dynamic baselines, eliminate false alerts, and visualize future growth and utilization trends.

Resolves issues impacting users in real time: Applications Manager has proven to be an indispensable part of GACA's ITOps environment. Our product provides real-time insights into user behavior, enabling GACA to shed light on previously undetected performance issues, anticipate problems before they occur, and minimize the impact on customers.

Helps organizations make real-time, data-driven decisions: Applications Manager's real-time, actionable insights enable GACA to correlate application performance with the organization's bottom line. This level of visibility helps its IT teams make better, more informed decisions together.

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"Standout Tool With Extensive Monitoring Capabilities"

It allows us to track crucial metrics such as response times, resource utilization, error rates, and transaction performance. The real-time monitoring alerts promptly notify us of any issues or anomalies, enabling us to take immediate action.

Reviewer Role: Research and Development

"I like Applications Manager because it helps us to detect issues present in our servers and SQL databases."
Carlos Rivero

Tech Support Manager, Lexmark

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