Install APM Insight Java Agent in WildFly 8.x servers & above

  • Download the latest APM Insight Java agent zip file ( here
  • Extract the zip file to a new directory to find agent jar and its configuration files
  • Open the apminsight.conf file in any text editor and include the following keys:
    license.key=[LICENSE KEY][HOST]:[PORT]/


    To learn more about the configurations, visit our Configuration Guide page.
  • For Standalone setup, Edit <WILDFLY_HOME>/bin/standalone.conf.bat (In Linux, standalone.conf) file to add the following java arguments to the existing JAVA_OPT
-Djboss.modules.system.pkgs=org.jboss.byteman,com.manageengine -javaagent:<agent_directory_full_path>/apminsight-javaagent.jar
  • For Domain setup, Edit <WILDFLY_HOME>/domain/configuration/Host.xml file and locate <servers> tag and add the mentioned tags under your desired<server name="your_server" ...>tag
<property name="jboss.modules.system.pkgs" value="org.jboss.byteman,com.manageengine" boottime="true"/>
<jvm name="insight">
<option value="-javaagent:<agent_directory_full_path>/apminsight-javaagent.jar" />
  • Save the file and start the Wildfly server