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WildFly Monitoring made simple

Get deep insight into the performance of your WildFly application servers and applications that run on them, troubleshoot performance bottlenecks before they affect your end users, and ensure optimal performance of your WildFly environment.

Get unmatched visibility into WildFly monitoring

Monitor critical parameters of WildFly server like service response time, performance of web applications deployed on WildfFly as well as components such as Java virtual machine (JVM), Enterprise Java Beans(EJBs), Java database connection pools(JDBC) and servlets.

Achieve peak performance of WildFly Server

With proper tuning of the JDBC connection pool settings, you can avoid timeouts, reduce overhead to transaction processing and maximize throughput on hardware.

Automate tasks to increase efficiency

Restart the WildFly server when the memory usage exceeds a threshold by executing custom scripts. This sort of automation reduces manual work for the IT operations personnel.

Identify problematic code for quicker troubleshooting

Monitor Java heap and non-heap memory and generate a heap dump to troubleshoot a problem. Get to know more about garbage collection patterns, throughput, deadlocked threads and other JVM parameters to tune Java performance.

Perform capacity planning for servers and databases.

Ensure key performance indicators of servers and databases like log file growth, CPU/disk usage of the database server are well within the permissible range.

Identify resources based on their utilization and plan capacity accordingly. Avoid unpleasant surprises like your application servers suddenly running out of resources.

Track user experience of applications deployed on WildFly Server.

View performance metrics of Java transactions all the way from the URL down to the SQL query that triggered the performance issue. Accurately gauge database performance, trace transaction flow, and view method level metrics to quickly identify a performance bottleneck.

Easily available, comprehensive reports

Applications Manager provides out-of-the-box reports that help you perform trend analysis, identify bottlenecks, and plan capacity for your Wildfly environment - all this without making any configuration changes.

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