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Improving end user experience

These are the questions that were asked during Improving End User Experience training


  • Can we see the response time for a single page?Yes. If you want to monitor just one single page, you can use the HTTP URL monitor. This link should give you more details about it.
  • Is the Real Browser Monitor plug-in available only with Firefox?Yes. As of now, it is available only with Firefox but we will be including other browsers in the near future.
  • There are certain limitation while using Selenium plugin to interact with some web components like calendar. Will these same limitation arise while using Selenium test cases in the Real Browser Monitor? Unfortunately, yes. This plugin will exhibit similar limitations.
  • Are there plans to update the URL sequence recorder from the existing IE browser? Yes, it is in our roadmap. We are looking at options to upgrade the same to latest version of IE while also looking for other alternatives.
  • Does the URL sequence monitor involve one license per URL in the sequence or the entire sequence is considered as one monitor?An entire URL sequence is considered as one monitor in Applications Manager. Individual URLs in the sequence are not considered as monitors and will be excluded from the monitor count in the license.
    However, in the URL monitor, every single URL is considered as one monitor.
  • Will the URL Sequence monitor also show you what the application calls in the backend?URL sequence monitor will not show the application calls in the backend. However, this can be achieved with the help of the APM Insight module of Applications Manager. We will be seeing that module in detail in the upcoming session. Refer this for details:
  • How can I monitor a Siebel application with RBM if Siebel does not support Firefox?
    What if it is validated only with IE?
    You can monitor it using the HTTP URL Sequence monitor or better yet, you can monitor it directly with the help of Applications Manager's Siebel monitor designed for this purpose.
    You can find more information here:$url-sequence
  • The HTTP URL Sequence monitor runs in the Applications Manager server, so is it not possible to monitor the Siebel monitor from the end user?As of now, the only alternative is if you are using the Enterprise Edition, you can install a managed server in the client side address this scenario. However, we do have plans to have IE based RBM in the roadmap.
  • Is there a way to receive an automatic Email when the health or availability becomes critical?You will have to configure actions to be executed when health or availability is critical. You can use the alarm templates to configure in bulk for all required monitors as well. Refer this page for more information regarding the same:
  • Is the URL Sequence monitor a one time monitor, or does it have to be set up in order to run on a schedule?You need to manually record it once and save it into Applications Manager. Once it is saved, Applications Manager will schedule data collection automatically.
  • Is it possible to monitor Citrix Storefront / Netscaler license expiry? If it is accessible over 'https://' like a website, you should be able to monitor it.
  • Can content check in defacement monitor contain multiple value? Yes. Content Check can contain multiple comma separated values.
  • Yes. Content Check can contain multiple comma separated values. If you are using RBM, it can record ajax calls but applets wont work.
  • How does the licensing goes for this EUM monitoring? EUM is an Add-on. Once the add-on is purchased, you can have as many EUM Agents as you want. Each monitor added to a particular EUM Agent, will be counted as a monitor in APM. So, you will only be limited by your total monitor count.
  • How do you trace a URL monitor in your application logs? For e.g. if I want to identify the URL monitor polls in my application (apache) logs, how do I achieve that? For the given URL monitor, you can set the User-Agent String in the configuration page. If the website does not restrict access based on the browser type, you can provide a unique value for this UA String and using the unique value and the IP Address of the machine where APM is installed, the you can trace the URLs, accessed by Applications Manager, in your Application's access log.

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