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Application performance monitoring made simple

Applications Manager is an application performance monitoring software that provides deep visibility into the performance and user experience of your business-critical applications and infrastructure components. It helps you to isolate and resolve performance issues across your entire application stack quickly - from the URL to the line of code - with minimal overhead, before your customers are affected. Organizations of all sizes use Applications Manager to improve and automate IT and DevOps processes, ensure optimal end-user experience, and deliver better business outcomes.

Applications Manager comes with

Application performance monitoring

Get deep APM with byte-code instrumentation. Monitor, optimize and troubleshoot application performance with the help of code-level insights, distributed traces, and more. Low overhead agent suitable for development, QA, and production environments.
Supports Java, .NET, .NET core, Node.js, PHP and Ruby applications.

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Synthetic transaction monitoring

Create better customer experiences across your website by monitoring end user experience from multiple geographical locations. Simulate business-critical processes and multi-page workflows via Selenium based scripting of tests and optimize login forms, shopping carts and other applications.

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Multi-cloud monitoring

Gain visibility into your private, public and hybrid cloud resources. Monitor workloads and troubleshoot application performance on cloud and virtualization platforms like AWS, Azure, GCP, Oracle Cloud and OpenStack. Detect service outages, application lags, server downtime, and other bottlenecks inside and outside your cloud environment.

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Monitor infrastructure that powers your applications

Stay on top of outages and pinpoint performance issues. Monitor and troubleshoot a diverse business infrastructure - including servers, VMs, application servers, web servers/services, etc. - both on premise and on the cloud. Get out-of-the-box support for 150+ application and infrastructure components.

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Database monitoring

Easily identify and solve database issues that impact application performance. Agentless monitoring for a wide variety of databases - including RDBMS (eg:Oracle, SQL server), NoSQL (MongoDB), in-memory (memcached) and big data stores (Hadoop). Drill down to SQL statements, identify and monitor slow database calls.

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Container monitoring

Stay on top of outages and pinpoint server issues with root cause analysis capabilities. Resolve issues and ensure that the resources are not overloaded to help applications run better. Proactively monitor and optimize the performance of Docker, Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift containers and applications.

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ERP monitoring

Improve the overall performance and availability of popular ERP solutions like SAP, Oracle EBS, Microsoft Dynamics CRM & AX, and Siebel CRM. Identify, understand, and predict performance issues and bottlenecks up front with ease.

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Middleware monitoring

Maximize application performance and mitigate risks with real-time monitoring and administration for messaging-oriented middleware environments including IBM MQ, Apache ActiveMQ, Microsoft Sharepoint, Apache Kafka, and more.

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Website monitoring

Monitor the performance of your website as well as internet services like HTTPS, DNS server, FTP server, SSL/TLS certificate, SMTP server, POP server, URLs, REST APIs, SOAP web service, and more.

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Automated discovery & dependency mapping

Auto-discover applications and services and map data into a real-time dependency map which shows the relationships and dependencies for all entities. The dependency map adapts dynamically as your environment changes. Automate remediation through integration with CMDBs.

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AIOps assisted smart alerts

Get to the root cause of issues precisely and quickly and avoid alert storms. Track incidents on your favorite third-party service such as ServiceNow and Slack. Automate actions to enable self-healing and to distribute workload for scaling in dynamic environments.

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Advanced Analytics

Get 500+ pre-built reports to perform trend analysis, capacity planning, and growth forecasting. Stay on top of important trends with custom, interactive dashboards. Analyze historical performance, allocate resources wisely and predict future growth and utilization trends of various applications in the network.

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Why Applications Manager

Optimize application usage and revenue

Application Managers and LOB owners can track digital experience, understand the customer journey, quantify the revenue impact of poor application performance, and optimize application usage and revenue.

Reduce MTTR

Enables IT operations teams to proactively detect issues and troubleshoot faster with accurate root cause analysis. Understand resource usage trends and fine tune day-to-day operations.

Improve DevOps processes

Helps DevOps/SRE teams correlate performance changes with code commits and builds. Verify if frequent code changes have impacted the performance of your key business applications.

Respond to incidents faster

Become aware of application performance issues as they arise before the users notice. Quickly differentiate if the problem is with the application code or an infrastructure issue or an improper configuration of the application. Empowers application support and helpdesk teams to respond to user complaints quickly.

Ensure applications meet business goals

Enables application architects and CTOs to analyze the medium to long term performance of business applications and the infrastructure tiers supporting them. Ensure applications deliver a great user experience and meets business goals.

Migrate to the cloud with confidence

Reduce risk during cloud migration by getting deep visibility into cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments. Helps maintain platform reliability and business continuity

Applications Manager is available in two editions


  • Provides monitoring, alerting and reporting features for a diverse set of applications and infrastructure components.
  • Ideal for small to medium enterprises looking to monitor up to 500 applications based on load.
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  • All features of Professional Edition + distributed monitoring capabilities + failover.
  • Ideal for large enterprises looking to monitor 500 apps and above.
  • Scales up to 10,000 monitors with the help of distributed setup.
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Trusted by 6000+ businesses worldwide

Customer Stories

"Applications Manager helped me discover and resolve previously unknown, intricate issues faster."
- Joel Lescano, Senior Engineer, Atlantic Health System
I like Applications Manager because it helps us to detect issues present in our servers and SQL databases.
- Carlos Rivero, Tech Support Manager, Lexmark
Applications Manager is one of the best products I have seen and worked on. Highly recommended.
- Chanial Babu Panicker, Wipro Infotech, Dubai

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