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Auto-Provision Virtual Machines to Handle Increased Workloads

While virtualization helps you quickly add computing resources based on your requirements, you still have to ensure that you adequately provision virtual machines. There should always be sufficient VMs available for your critical business applications if they are to perform effectively. Applications Manager's automated virtual machine management feature is a smarter way of ensuring your business apps have enough processing power to handle increased workloads.

Configure Virtual Machine Action

To make use of this feature, you have to create virtual machine actions in Applications Manager and associate these actions to your VMware/Hyper-V hosts and their VMs. Applications Manager will then automatically start/stop/restart VMs when threshold levels are violated. For example, new servers can be automatically added to an application grid when the number of transactions in your Oracle database exceeds a certain limit. Read more >>

In a similar way, you can create Amazon EC2 Instance actions to automatically start/stop/restart Amazon EC2 instances from within Applications Manager. This lets you auto-provision cloud resources when threshold levels are breached. Read more >>

Associate Dependent Devices Across Managed Servers
You can now associate multiple dependent devices across managed servers in the Enterprise Edition. This gives you more flexibility in associating dependent parameters for your complex applications. It also helps you isolate the root cause of performance problems in a better way.

Tip of the Month
To view the latest data collection results of all your monitors at one place, use the View Monitor Errors option under Support->JVM Memory Information section. You can choose to view 'errors only' or 'information only' messages or all messages.

You can also receive these messages as email notifications to your admin email address by enabling the Send errors that occurred during monitors polling to admin user Email option.

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Customer Speak

"Being able to automate much of the performance monitoring, and when necessary, server intervention, is very valuable. Not only does it help ensure our business systems are performing as expected, but it allows me to spend my time on other important efforts."

John Stoffer
Executive Director of IT
Wall Street Institute

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